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Where I've been dwelling

This is where my heart has been since Samhain, when I received a clear call from my ancestors to listen.

I have been combing through decades of century’s old Italian script, in a quest to find the thread of birth, union, and death, to find the names of those who came before me, to fill in the blanks of the stories that I have held dear since childhood.

I have been walking the streets of villages that my DNA has dwelled in for centuries though the cosmic powers of Google Maps, learning the names of the streets dedicated to roses and saints, to Goddesses and Hazelnuts, to the bodies of water, to the towering mountains. 

I have been learning their language, studying verb tenses and singing their songs, allowing their words to pour over my tongue like an elixir, leaning on my love of Spanish like a temple pillar.

I’ve been finding patterns in the naming - my ancestors honored Saint’s Days, the names of the village churches, remembered those who came before them, adored the great Mother. 

I feel privileged to know more names, to find neighbors, to celebrate, to mourn the losses of the loved ones of my loved one’s loved ones. I know not everyone is able to access this information. 

I remember being about 8 or so, sitting on my swing set, and asking my parents to name their ancestors for me, as far back as they could go. Making a map of aunts and uncles, great grand-parents and maiden names, cousins and speculations on where each part of the family was from.

I remember going to the Historical Society as a teenager, looking through dusty old books, finding addresses where my people had dwelled before they lived where I knew them to be.

And over the past 5 years or so, I’ve had the power of internet databases by my side. I’ve been piecing the mystery together. Finding naturalisation records, birthdates and village names. 

But there were pieces missing within my family tree. Until last month - I have found out so many names last month, my whole being is illuminated with joy. I recite these names like a prayer.

On Mother's Day, I visited a sacred place in Portland dedicated to Mary. As I’ve been connecting with my ancestors, I asked them what they would want me to do to honor the women who came before me on this day and that’s where they directed me to go. While I was there, I purchased Saint's Medals for each of my great-grandmothers names to honor them on this day. 
On that same day, when I got home, I found the birth certificates of 4 of my Great-Grandparents - even one who I had no hope of finding more information about. What's amazing about that is that I had the wrong birth year for her and happened to click on the records in a random spot in the year prior and there she was…

What's wild is that I had been looking for this information for about 5 years, & in a really focused way for about 9 months. But after buying these saint's medals, the information just sort of appeared in the same places I had been looking for it for a while.

So I’ve been time traveling, going back to the 1800’s, translating documents, witnessing the cycles, and digitally walking through the neighbourhoods of those who came before me, looking at the land from their perspective. I’ve been thinking about what has been passed down to me - my nose, my thighs, my jawline, my shoulders. How it’s all been passed down, little hints and glimmers of those who I don’t have photos for, but of those who’s names I now know.

Feeling them so much right now. It hasn’t all been comfortable. It hasn’t all been clear. But as I’ve been unpacking what is mine and what isn’t within my own personal practice, this is what is true for me, in this moment. 

I have never been to Italy, but when I studied abroad in Southern Spain, I felt so oddly at home and at peace there, in the Mediterranean, with the curved red tile roofs and the smell of warm olive oil drifting through the streets.

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Diving into the Waters of Reflection


Hello dear one,

I've been thinking a lot lately about the element of Water.

I've been thinking about the Water of those who came before me. The Water within my blood. The way their impression is in my spit, raw and hydrating at the same time. {Gratitude to Marybeth Bonfiglio for supporting an exploration of my lineage}

The way that not everyone has access to clean and potable drinking Water to nourish their bodies.

The way that Water cycles - it gathers in puddles, in streams and lakes and oceans and seas. It moves. It ebbs and flows, evaporates and gathers in the puffs of clouds, and then pours down upon us in gentle sprinkles or in sudden torrents.

The way that Water flows forward when it has found its way to rivers and streams, the way it makes rough stones smooth with its caresses, the way that it winds itself around any obstacle in its path to get to its intended destination.

The way that Water informs a landscape, offers sustenance to the environment, the way that Water was named by those who first found those Waters and the way that the names change as settlers mark their territory.

The way that on a molecular level, Water is sticky - it seeks connection, it desires to bond, it is looking for company. 

The openness in which water invites us to dive in - to not just to gaze at our reflection on the surface but to dive deep.  To explore its mysteries.

The way that this Earth is mostly Water, the way that humans are mostly Water, the way that our food is comprised of Water.

Water is pretty friggin' amazing. And ever-present. And precious.

I've been in this place of deep reflection, daydreaming, visioning, and heart-connection lately. I've been working with pouring the element of Water into the mix, allowing the Earth to serve as a supportive vessel through which Water can flow or be held, with open-hearted love. I’ve been especially in communion with Water by working with the Suit of Cups in the Tarot. 

(warning: lots of intended water puns ahead)

Much of the deep dives that I’ve been journeying through with water pour back and forth between my personal spiritual practice and the work that I do, and I’m noticing the way that water supports me not only in reflection, but in accessing my creative flow as well.

One of the reasons why I love the Tarot so much is that it offers so much insight, support, and clarity for me within both my personal practice and also in the work that I do.

As I’ve been in this place since Samhain (here in the northern hemisphere) last year, I’ve noticed so many insights, connections, and components of awareness have come forward from working with the Suit of Cups. I have found the wisdom of these cards in particular to serve as portals into reflection within my work. And the way that it offers inherent opportunity and support for expansion. 

The suit of Cups asks us to drink in our own wisdom and to pour our hearts into our work. It is from this place that we create our magic.

As a creative entrepreneur (and I feel like most entrepreneurs are inherently creatives!), the suit of Cups is sweet elixir for my energetic system and for the work that I do.

You see, the suit of Cups is known for being connected to reflection, the heartspace, intuition, creativity, nourishment, and being in a place of flow with the work that we do. I’ve also been having a lot of fun with noticing how other elements inform and support the element of Water. I mentioned earlier the Earth (much like a Cup itself) can show up to embrace Water. Additionally, the element of Fire reminds me of the passion and momentum that can be found in Water, and when we invite the element of Air into Water, we can witness our creative expression coming forth through our voice and mindspace.

In this way, as entrepreneurs, we can draw the essence of Water found in the Suit of Cups into the chalice of our work...and remain elementally balanced at the same time.

As we nourish ourselves with this elements, we can pour our whole hearts into the work that we do.

That is why I have created Vessels of Vision: An Intuitive Exploration of the Suit of Cups within your Business

I invite you to join me on a journey through each card within the suit of Cups...guided by inquiry, reflection, and action.

In this series, you will receive emails on this Suit with:


  • Informative videos, each exploring a specific card within the suit of Cups 
  • A reflection question so that you can dive into communion with each card and weave the wisdom you receive into your business


I’ve been working in a focused way with supporting entrepreneurs in learning design skills and techniques to inform creating offerings for their work. In this option, we’ll be pairing Cups with Canva, a online design program. You’ll receive the above, plus a daily tutorial on an element of Canva.

*I am in no way affiliated with Canva nor do they endorse this course in anyway. My goal for those who enroll in that option is to support a sense of fluency and fluidity within a basic design program to empower individuals within their online work.

A portion of your tuition will be donated to
Charity:Water and the Flint Water Fund

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Singing the story of the work you do through imagery

I am writing to you surrounded by what I like to call an “inspired mess” on my desk -

tarot decks, scraps of paper with doodles and notes, a few open notebooks, some of my favorite crystal companions, and a freshly finished cup of tea.

The reason this mess doesn’t bother me but yet inspires me is because I am currently wrapping up one of my favorite components to the Imbolc round of Squarespace Sovereignty - logo creation!

I see the logo design journey as a true co-creation - a delightful intuitive play between the entrepreneur I am lucky enough to be working with and myself.

Here's a sneak-peak of a couple of logos that have been completed already...

When I design a logo for an individual or a brand, my intention is to have the image serve as something that matches the essence of the work that my client does. In this way, a logo {and the remaining branding that corresponds to it} sings the song that matches the pitch, frequency, and melody of the work that my clients do. It's definitely an energetic connection.

During this process, one of the things that I explore with my clients is the personal symbols that they hold dear to themselves.

For example, my clients my be drawn to a particular geometric shape, color palette, plant, crystal pattern, element, animal, or phase of the moon.

One of the magical things that has happened over the years is that my clients (including myself!) have actually had their logos tattooed onto their skin! Like, forever! Which totally boggles my mind and feels like it really highlights and showcases just how important these visual depictions of one's work can be.

owl icon mauve 2.png

As I have been exploring the personal visual aspects of my clients' work, I got to thinking about my own logo, which I hold very dear to my heart - my little mauve owl.

Why did I choose the owl for my logo when I re-branded a couple of years ago?

Because I absolutely love owls and what they symbolize to me. Like, my heart leaps for them. They are creatures that totally fascinate me - dwelling in air and shadow, holding wisdom and intuition, supporting insight and those who are seekers of knowledge. I am inspired by how owls can see things far away in the dark so clearly, and how with this they also speak of inner sight.

In the Wild Unknown Tarot, artist Kim Krans chose the owl as the symbol for the suit of Swords, which is the suit I see myself in and learn from the most. 

For me, the Swords correspond to the element of air, and speak of the realms of the mind and voice. This suit asks us to speak wisely and in a way that honors our truth, and supports those who consider themselves to be communicators + teachers. The Swords also explores the full gamut of the mind - from anxiety to intuition, deep wisdom to the process of learning something for the first time. 

As someone with an abundance of Mercury in my chart (this planet of Swordsy communication rules my sun, moon, AND rising sign), I especially feel a kinship with the Daughter of Swords, who holds a Gemini-like curiosity and is on a never-ending quest for knowledge.

The Latin name for the Little Owl is Athene noctua, pointing to the connection between the goddess Athena, and her companion animal of the owl. The owl is also connected to Athena's Roman counterpart, Minerva. Athena, who stands for wisdom and justice, is sometimes known by the poetical name glaukopis, which means "owl-eyed" (source) - and Minerva is also described as having eyes like an owl as well. 

I have felt a kinship with Athena and Minerva since I started studying mythology and my connection to these Goddesses is something I have been turning to more deeply lately as I have been immersed in connecting to my own Mediterreanan lineage and its stories.

In working with my own personal symbology and exploring the visual essence of my brand...

and in supporting my design clients with their own visual identity...

I find more and more that when we weave in what is deeply true and meaningful to us, what is symbolic of the important work we do, what speaks to our own unique energy...that is the most lush and rich way to celebrate ourselves as we create and maintain our virtual sacred spaces online.

Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur who is stepping into the beginning stages of exploring your visual language and branding, or an established entrepreneur looking to create a shift in your visual identity - most likely, you can find the inspiration for your logo within yourself. Whether your logo is symbolic or literal - allow it to be a reflection of you.

Thank you for connecting with me here today.

P.S. If you're looking to create your own online space for the work that you do, doors are officially open for the upcoming virtual session of Squarespace Sovereignty. We begin in just about a month! I am also visioning around holding an in-person retreat for this offering in November in Portland. Contact me if you're interested in either offering and say hello! The previous two rounds of this program have reached maximum capacity pretty quickly, and I am so delighted to be offering it again!

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5 of the best things I shifted in my business in 2017

As we are approaching the end of the year, dear one, I have been spending a lot of time thinking in retrospect about 2017, and visioning forward for all that I hope will unfold within 2018.

As I have sat in reflection of this past year, I have noticed just how much my business changed. 

I am celebrating that as I hold space for my work in this current moment, it feels like it truly allows for me to show up in a way that honors *all* of me. I have found such clarity around the exact type of work that I am here to do, and I have been exploring how I can be of best service in a way that truly supports those who are in my community (like you!).

Within my reflection, I keep coming back to 5 things that I shifted or added into my business that have had a monumental impact on my work.

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Equinox Tarot Readings for your Sign

I am so so so ready for autumn! I was on a call with a client yesterday and I was telling her that I feel most at home in the cloudy, cool, drizzly autumn weather that has finally made its way to the Pacific Northwest. 

I notice within myself that it is hard to ground into my work under the heat of summer, and that the teacher in me gets really inspired and activated by the essence of the "new beginning" of September.

I am definitely in my happy place right now!

With the presence of yesterday's New Moon in Virgo and today's equinox, I felt called to dive into sharing with you a tarot reading for your sun sign. I so love combining my love for the Tarot with my curiosity and intrigue of astrology in this way.

While I have written these readings with entrepreneurs in mind, I invite you to explore what card came up for your sign even if you do not own your own business.

You may also wish to explore the card that came up for your rising sign or your moon sign as well. You'll see what card came up for you below.

Before you scroll down, I wanted to remind you that registration for Unlock the Arcana of your Business closes this Monday. 

This 10-week journey is designed to guide you in an intuitive exploration of your business, inspired by the archetypes of the Tarot + mythology. In this way, you can allow your own wisdom to guide you forward into a place of expansion in preparation for the magic that you are envisioning for 2018.

Now is the time to make the shift - to dive deep into business development AND spiritual development at the same time - and see how the two go hand-in-hand. 


Aries - The Star:: The Star speaks of new beginnings (perfect for equinox!) and embodies a sense of hope - especially after a moment of upheaval or uncertainty. The Star asks you to examine your work and notice what is no longer serving you - what may be old stories or services that don't honor your own inner growth and expansion. What needs to be released in this moment?

Taurus - Temperance:: Temperance asks you to explore how you can invite a sense of flow and balance into your work. Do you notice that in this moment, you are totally immersed in a place of ease or effort? See if you can balance the scales and align yourself with a place of equanimity within your work and energies.  

Gemini - Four of Cups:: Fellow Gemini, the Four of Cups asks you to carve out the time to pause and reflect upon what has been coming up for you on an emotional level, and to dive into the realm of your intuitive knowing. As you explore your inherent wisdom, you may see a new opportunity make itself known to you that was not in your awareness previously.

Cancer - Page of Pentacles:: This card echoes the energy of new beginnings that is inherently present under the new moon and new season. The suit of Pentacles reminds us to ground into our work - both through the element of earth and through the element of spirit. Can you invoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and eagerness to explore within the work that you are doing in this moment?

Leo - 5 of Swords:: The 5's within the Tarot speak of human struggle - and this card focuses specifically on how we may feel weighed down and burdened by our own limiting beliefs, anxieties, and how we may not be speaking our full truth. You may wish to work with mantra (or sing a personal power song!) to help clear the throat + mind space so that you can step into a place of grounded confidence.

Virgo - The King of Pentacles:: Dear Virgo, this card reminds you that when you approach your work from a grounded and inspired place, you can best hold an energetic container for your community and show up in aligned service for those who you work with. Examine how you are showing up as a leader and witness how your services support your clients - focus on the way that you are creating positive change with your work.

Libra - The Ten of Wands:: As someone who is always seeking balance dear Libra, this card suggests that your scales may be over burdened with overwhelm or struggle. As a sign that is naturally attracted to love and passion, which the suit of Wands also embodies, see if you can release some of the burden you are feeling by re-aligning yourself with what lights you up within your realm of work. Can you invite in a sense of play, joy, and inspiration into your work? This may help to lighten the situation.

Scorpio - Strength:: This card asks you: How can you showcase your personal strengths to others? How can you honor not only your outer (and maybe muscle-y) strengths, but also your quiet and gentle strengths as well? Allow both aspects of your unique self to shine forward. Also, witness how you can harness your skills to show up in support of others, who may need your balanced strength to support them in what they are navigating through in this moment.

Sagittarius - The Knight of Wands:: You may find yourself going full speed ahead as your passion for a project propels you forward with inspired energy on your path. The Knight of Wands is showing up in service for his community from a place of inspired action and with an essence of being eager to embark on an adventure. Allow your inner mission to serve as a compass, directing you forward towards your true north, and you will not be led astray on your quest.

Capricorn - Four of Wands:: This card speaks of entering a new portal - one of stability, celebration, and opportunity. Can you witness and honor the threshold that you are stepping through in this moment, and celebrate where you are on this journey? Honor the shifts and expansions that you have cultivated within your life and ground yourself in the experience of the joy of this moment.

Aquarius - The Wheel of Fortune:: A card that speaks of shifts and change, the Wheel of Fortune suggests that you are at a turning point within your work. Witness what you have control over and where you can take hold of the reigns, and give yourself time to adapt and adjust to any new situations that are unfolding for you. This card asks you to stay devoted and committed to your path. 

Pisces - Two of Swords:: This is a call to remember and honor your own inner vision and strength. The Two of Swords asks you to go within, seek out the wisdom that you already carry within yourself - your intuitive knowing - and to use that as a source of direction and action within your work. When challenges arise for you on your path, allow your inner vision and wisdom to carry you through - and your determination and focus will slash through any obstacles that come forward.

Sending you New Moon + Equinox Blessings, dear one.

xo, Elle

PS - Curious about Unlock the Arcana of your Business? Click here to discover more. Registration closes on Monday.

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