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Equinox Tarot Readings for your Sign

I am so so so ready for autumn! I was on a call with a client yesterday and I was telling her that I feel most at home in the cloudy, cool, drizzly autumn weather that has finally made its way to the Pacific Northwest. 

I notice within myself that it is hard to ground into my work under the heat of summer, and that the teacher in me gets really inspired and activated by the essence of the "new beginning" of September.

I am definitely in my happy place right now!

With the presence of yesterday's New Moon in Virgo and today's equinox, I felt called to dive into sharing with you a tarot reading for your sun sign. I so love combining my love for the Tarot with my curiosity and intrigue of astrology in this way.

While I have written these readings with entrepreneurs in mind, I invite you to explore what card came up for your sign even if you do not own your own business.

You may also wish to explore the card that came up for your rising sign or your moon sign as well. You'll see what card came up for you below.

Before you scroll down, I wanted to remind you that registration for Unlock the Arcana of your Business closes this Monday. 

This 10-week journey is designed to guide you in an intuitive exploration of your business, inspired by the archetypes of the Tarot + mythology. In this way, you can allow your own wisdom to guide you forward into a place of expansion in preparation for the magic that you are envisioning for 2018.

Now is the time to make the shift - to dive deep into business development AND spiritual development at the same time - and see how the two go hand-in-hand. 


Aries - The Star:: The Star speaks of new beginnings (perfect for equinox!) and embodies a sense of hope - especially after a moment of upheaval or uncertainty. The Star asks you to examine your work and notice what is no longer serving you - what may be old stories or services that don't honor your own inner growth and expansion. What needs to be released in this moment?

Taurus - Temperance:: Temperance asks you to explore how you can invite a sense of flow and balance into your work. Do you notice that in this moment, you are totally immersed in a place of ease or effort? See if you can balance the scales and align yourself with a place of equanimity within your work and energies.  

Gemini - Four of Cups:: Fellow Gemini, the Four of Cups asks you to carve out the time to pause and reflect upon what has been coming up for you on an emotional level, and to dive into the realm of your intuitive knowing. As you explore your inherent wisdom, you may see a new opportunity make itself known to you that was not in your awareness previously.

Cancer - Page of Pentacles:: This card echoes the energy of new beginnings that is inherently present under the new moon and new season. The suit of Pentacles reminds us to ground into our work - both through the element of earth and through the element of spirit. Can you invoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and eagerness to explore within the work that you are doing in this moment?

Leo - 5 of Swords:: The 5's within the Tarot speak of human struggle - and this card focuses specifically on how we may feel weighed down and burdened by our own limiting beliefs, anxieties, and how we may not be speaking our full truth. You may wish to work with mantra (or sing a personal power song!) to help clear the throat + mind space so that you can step into a place of grounded confidence.

Virgo - The King of Pentacles:: Dear Virgo, this card reminds you that when you approach your work from a grounded and inspired place, you can best hold an energetic container for your community and show up in aligned service for those who you work with. Examine how you are showing up as a leader and witness how your services support your clients - focus on the way that you are creating positive change with your work.

Libra - The Ten of Wands:: As someone who is always seeking balance dear Libra, this card suggests that your scales may be over burdened with overwhelm or struggle. As a sign that is naturally attracted to love and passion, which the suit of Wands also embodies, see if you can release some of the burden you are feeling by re-aligning yourself with what lights you up within your realm of work. Can you invite in a sense of play, joy, and inspiration into your work? This may help to lighten the situation.

Scorpio - Strength:: This card asks you: How can you showcase your personal strengths to others? How can you honor not only your outer (and maybe muscle-y) strengths, but also your quiet and gentle strengths as well? Allow both aspects of your unique self to shine forward. Also, witness how you can harness your skills to show up in support of others, who may need your balanced strength to support them in what they are navigating through in this moment.

Sagittarius - The Knight of Wands:: You may find yourself going full speed ahead as your passion for a project propels you forward with inspired energy on your path. The Knight of Wands is showing up in service for his community from a place of inspired action and with an essence of being eager to embark on an adventure. Allow your inner mission to serve as a compass, directing you forward towards your true north, and you will not be led astray on your quest.

Capricorn - Four of Wands:: This card speaks of entering a new portal - one of stability, celebration, and opportunity. Can you witness and honor the threshold that you are stepping through in this moment, and celebrate where you are on this journey? Honor the shifts and expansions that you have cultivated within your life and ground yourself in the experience of the joy of this moment.

Aquarius - The Wheel of Fortune:: A card that speaks of shifts and change, the Wheel of Fortune suggests that you are at a turning point within your work. Witness what you have control over and where you can take hold of the reigns, and give yourself time to adapt and adjust to any new situations that are unfolding for you. This card asks you to stay devoted and committed to your path. 

Pisces - Two of Swords:: This is a call to remember and honor your own inner vision and strength. The Two of Swords asks you to go within, seek out the wisdom that you already carry within yourself - your intuitive knowing - and to use that as a source of direction and action within your work. When challenges arise for you on your path, allow your inner vision and wisdom to carry you through - and your determination and focus will slash through any obstacles that come forward.

Sending you New Moon + Equinox Blessings, dear one.

xo, Elle

PS - Curious about Unlock the Arcana of your Business? Click here to discover more. Registration closes on Monday.

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4 Ways the Archetypes of the Tarot have Transformed my Life

Photo by  Sierra Selene

Photo by Sierra Selene

Tarot has a way of creating a shift in perspective and serves as a key to unlock a cosmic gateway into wisdom that we already had within us, but this knowledge was hidden behind a veil. Our thoughts, doubts, misperceptions, and ideas that do not serve us all obscures from us from the holy and truth within ourselves. Tarot is a mirror to the soul and it reflects back to us that which we need to see.

Harnessing the wisdom of the archetypes of the Major arcana within my own spiritual journey has helped me on so many levels of my life.

That is why we are going beyond the surface level with the archetypes of the Divine Journey.

So often we sell ourselves short, don’t see our true value and worth, and are not self-righteous - these archetypes help us to create a shift and to find deep value within the way that we show up in this world.

The School isn’t a Tarot course - while we’ll explore each card as an archetype, it’s more an activation to a more confident, nourished, badass, strong, and spirited you.  

From the time I first began reading tarot, it has helped with my career - from teaching in non-traditional settings to creating art to writing to graphic design - I have worked with archetypes of the Tarot to help me to find focus, dedication, success, and navigate through obstacles with co-workers.  When I understand the full complexity of an archetype, I can see it - in both its shadow form and its light form - and truly hold space for the person embodying it. Or, I can channel a certain archetype, like Justice and Strength, to show up as a Warrior Goddess in a meeting.  I worked with these archetypes specifically when I was in a situation where I was not taken seriously in a work environment due to my age, and it was causing a conflict with a manager of mine. The archetypes of the Tarot have helped me to have SO much confidence within work and other environments.

Photo by  Sierra Selene

Photo by Sierra Selene

In relationships, the Tarot archetypes have helped me to heal myself and my  heart so that I can fully show up in devotion - whether this relationship is romantic or between sisters.  For example, when I fully understood the Lovers archetype and the way in which they are devoted to each other as Shiva and Shakti, I was able to improve many facets of my marriage that felt like they were on such unstable ground. When I looked at the Lovers, I saw their deep union, their need for each other. With this archetype by my side, I saw how to find a balance between holding space and serving as a sacred container (working with the divine masculine) or being the flow of energy within a relationship (working with the divine feminine).  Even more, these archetypes have informed me about my inner sensual nature, my inner wild, my inner passion.  It has helped me to see that there is such deep sacred devotion in sex and has helped to re-shape my sexual relationship with my husband.

In addition, the tarot archetypes have helped me to meet my goals on all levels.  If you know me, you know that when I set my eyes on something, I am ALL about creating an action plan to help me make my way towards my intention and desire with clarity and confidence.  Whether that goal has to do with a design project, a writing project, the study of something or the way in which I wish to get stuff done within my business - the Chariot archetype helps me to stay focused and to harness my magic like a badass.  The tarot offers me no excuses and doesn’t let me hold back from shining in my greatness and fully showing up.  When friends ask me how I am able to get so much done with such ease, clarity, and focus, I tell them about my work with the Chariot archetype.

The Tarot has unfolded so many gifts for me within my spiritual practice.  From heightened intuition to opening the portal for the sacred.  The archetypes of the High Priestess and the Hermit are two that I call upon within my spiritual life to help me to really drop in, connect with my true essence, and navigate forward on my spiritual path.  When I look to these cards, I remember the magic within my own system.  They have guided me to contemplate how to let my light shine both within and outwards, and to come up with an action plan for how I can be of service to others as a spiritual being.  The Hermit and the High Priestess archetypes have also shown me how to play with the balance of dark and light, and recognize the benefit of connecting with my shadow in addition to the benefit of working on a cosmic level of healing.

Photo by  Sierra Selene

Photo by Sierra Selene

So I teach what I do here in the School because I am SO passionate about the ways in which understanding these archetypes of the Major Arcana helps and benefits ALL areas of life.  I teach this school because it totally lights me up and illuminates my whole being to share the vast landscape that is waiting for you within each card.  

I could just teach a course on the Major Arcana and the meaning of each card...but it wouldn’t have the depth, the vastness, the full value of all of the entire energetic frequency of each card.  It would be selling the true nature of the cards short.  So instead of making this course about unraveling the surface value of each archetype, we are going to look at them through the eyes of the High Priestess and discover all of the rich and transformative energy that is waiting for us on the other side.

As someone who has been working with the tarot for over a decade, I understand these energies in a unique way.  I have been exploring my own spiritual practice since I was very young, and am bringing to this course my experience in leading meditation, understanding yogic and tantric practices, devotion to the goddess, and my passion for understanding ourselves on an energetic and cosmic level.  

As a teacher, I understand the importance of hands-on learning and experiences - so this course doesn’t involve a lot of reading, but more carefully tailored spiritual opportunities for expansion.

I am so inspired, lit-up, and curious around the way that these archetypes choose to show up.  I see them everywhere.  I see them in myself, in others. I see them in the work that I do, in my courses and in sacred texts.  They come up for me in my feelings and emotions, when I am watching TV shows, when I am listening to a song.  They permeate my existence in the most beautiful way.  

Harnessing these archetypes on the level of the High Priestess has totally changed and transformed my life.  I desire to guide you through this experience of transformation.  If the School is calling to you, I invite you to feel into

If you have any questions about the School, please connect with me here

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Solstice Reflections: What has unfolded for me in 2016

When it comes to visioning, to feeling into the new year, to reflecting, to uncovering and remembering: Tarot is pure magic.

Even though I really resonate with visioning out my upcoming year within the realm of my mind’s eye, with making vision boards and pinterest boards...something within my system truly desires the powerful images of the Tarot to help guide my vision forward.


The Tarot helps me to see what is possible. It opens up portals that I wasn’t aware of before or couldn’t see clearly. The cards help me to put words behind feelings and to claim intentions that have been whispering within my heart space. In this way, I can fully own and stand tall within my true Self.


I love to take photographs of my daily readings, and I carve out time to journal around the wisdom of the cards. In that way, I can come back to readings and reflect upon the transmissions that the cards provided for me. This also gives me an opportunity to dive into the cards again, after time has passed, and see what new insights comes forward. I can then contemplate these learning in retrospect or carry them with me into the future.


I was recently nudged to look back at the Year Ahead Tarot Reading I drew for myself last December, as I was looking ahead into 2016.


What came forward to me with such clarity is the way in which the cards mapped out my year with such wisdom. When I look back upon my reading, I can see events and highlights of my year waving to me from the cards - things that happened in 2016 that I had no idea would occur when I pulled my cards for the year.

The Moon, card of intuition and the power of the divine feminine came forward for March, when I re-launched the Wisdom Within School of Intuition. The Moon illuminates the way in which I was to deliver the content of the course in a whole new way - I even extended the course from 8 weeks to 8 months! Students who participated in our closing call last week all mentioned a deep sense of inner trust, clarity and awareness within their Intuitive Selves. The Moon sometimes can speak of anxiety and fear, and what is amazing is that many students witnessed their own anxieties becoming released during the journey, and they no longer feel fear surrounding their intuitive paths. 


The Mother of Cups manifested in June, the month when I started to plan out A School for the High Priestess with my dear soul-sister Sora Surya No. I see the Mother of Cups in the Wild Unknown as being a sorceress, a magic maker, a creatrix who is in-tune with her divine Goddess energy. These energetics were exactly what Sora and I focused on as we visioned around how we wanted the School for the High Priestess to be born. Through teaching within the School, I feel as though I have truly been able to step into a role as sorceress in the caliber of information I am able to present and the way in which I fully show up as my Self.

The Lovers made themselves known in July, when I went on retreat in Peru. The traveling geese in the Wild Unknown to me speak of travel. When I was in Peru, like the Lovers, I found a sense of deep union with myself, with the divine within me, and with my soul’s purpose. Besides my own personal work, I contemplated my relationship with my husband in a focused way while I was in Peru, and when I returned home to him after my journey, I could feel a deep sense of renewal within our love.

And then there are the archetypes that showed up as my Personal Cards of the Year: The Mother of Swords, the Mother of Wands, and the Empress. Holy wow were these a powerful trio of cards to pull for 2016! They truly walked alongside me as I navigated my way through this year.


The Mother of Swords really helped me to work my way through healing some energetic wounds that I was carrying within my heart space. She helped me to stand in my truth, and to learn how to speak my truth in a way that honored me. She held my hand and guided me forward as I explored new realms within my spiritual practice, and used her sword of wisdom to slash through any mental obstacles that were holding me back from fully showing up within the way that I work.


The Mother of Wands kindled a deep sense of passion and fire within me for the work that I do. With her inner sparks igniting within me, I feel like this year I have felt into a deep appreciation for the magic within my life. She has guided me towards focusing on what absolutely lights me up within the work that I do, and she has lead me to use my desires to help me walk forward on my spiritual path.

The Empress was such a juicy card to feel into this year. As I am on the threshold of releasing my Maiden and embracing my inner Matron, my inner Mother, the Queen within me...the Empress has helped me to stand in my power, to root into Mama Earth and draw her power up from my root chakra and sacral chakra into the rest of my being. She helped me to form a deep connection with the cosmos, to fully step into someone who communes with the Goddess, who dances with the cosmos and who shares my passion and love for Shakti in a clear and confident way.

I am so full of gratitude for the wisdom and inspiration these cards have brought forward to me in this magical year of 2016.

What cosmic visions do you desire to bring forward in 2017, within your personal life, your spiritual life, and the work that you do within this world? 

Would you like a little extra sprinkle of magic and some deep insight in the form of:
+ a 30 page visually juicy PDF full of insight and clarity
+ 30 mins of my live devotion to you before and after your reading
+ a personally crafted mystical meditation based on your reading

so that you may walk forward into 2017 with confidence, vision, and action plans?

Check out my Year Ahead Tarot Reading hereYou may choose between a business reading or a personal reading. 

There are only 2 readings left for this year, and they are $50 off through the end of this week.

With love and Winter Solstice Blessings,

Xo, Elle

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3 MORE cards (from the Minor Arcana) that speak of Intuition

Last week I talked about 3 cards from the Major Acana that can help you to tap into your intuition.

After I wrote that post, some cards from the Minor Arcana kept coming up for that spoke of Intuition...and they wanted to be heard.

I have found the Tarot to be a fantastic tool to use in my spiritual practice to help me play with and practice my intuition (read more about that here).  

Not only does pulling Tarot cards for yourself and for others help you to tap into your Intuitive Self, but you can also work with the energies of Tarot cards to help you gain confidence in your innate intuitive abilities.

Here are my top three cards from the Minor Arcana that you can connect with to totally amplify your intuitive wisdom:

The Two of Swords - My interpretation of the Two of Swords is a bit different than what you'll find in most guidebooks.  Check her out:  she's drawing within, protecting her heart, closing off the eyes and ears.  She's got the power of the moon (a symbol of intuition) & ocean (a symbol of our vast unconscious) behind her. 

This girl is rooted in feminine & intuitive energy but yet she's strong:  she's ready to fight, blindfolded.  Her intuition is that spot on.  She can see with her eyes closed.

This card can have a few interpretations, and it all comes down to who you think put the blindfold on.  Was it her, or was it someone else?  Is she training to be a clairvoyant master, or is she being fooled? 

I think that because of the blindfold, her third eye is wide open. She's listening, sensing, and guiding myself - she can see, intuitively.

The Mother of Cups -  The Mother of Cups in the Wild Unknown deck always reminds me of a magic-maker.  I feel like she is creating a potion of some kind within the cup, or perhaps, a portal into her intuition.  

The traditional Rider-Waite card shows the dress of the Queen of Cups becoming one with the ocean, which represents our unconscious minds.  Within our unconscious lies our intuition - and when we are able to bring it forward into the conscious mind, we can access our deep and inner wisdom.  

As the suit of Cups deals with matters of the heart and emotions, I feel as though the Mother of Cups may also be Clairsentient. 

Ace of Swords - The Ace of Swords speaks to me of Claircognizance.  It's that ah-ha! moment of sudden clarity of the mind.  The Ace of Swords speaks of the power of the  mind - and reminds me of how amazing it is that our brains can access our intuitive wisdom.  The Ace of Swords, to me, speaks of bringing the unconscious forward into the consciousness of our minds and having the ability to access it successfully.  

The Sword in the Ace of Swords points up, which further symbolizes wisdom (instead of using a sword for fighting).  When we combine wisdom with our intuition, we can find crystal clear clarity.  

As Madeline L'Engle says, “Your intuition and your intellect should be working together… making love. That’s how it works best.” 

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5 Ways to work with a Tarot Card and its Energies

One of my the ways that I work with the Tarot is to spend some time (maybe a day, a week, a month, or a whole year) working closely with one particular card.  Right now, I am working very closely with the Empress, the Mother of Swords, and the Mother of Wands.  They are helping me to use  my voice, find the power within my femininity, and to access my inner fire.  In the past, I have worked with other cards as well, and they have helped me to grow in spiritual, emotional, and mental ways.

Do you desire to work with the energies of a particular tarot card?  Here are 5 ways that will help you to form a connection with your card.  Pick one, or do them all - it's up to you!

1.  Research.

When a Tarot card keeps coming up for me, or I feel especially drawn to its energies, I find out everything I can about it.  I might look for different interpretations of the card on Pinterest, read interpretations of the card from different Tarot readers online, and read as much as I can about the card in tarot books that I own.  For me, the more that I know about a card, its history, and its symbols, the more I can understand it.  When I truly understand a Tarot card on a deep level, I can contemplate how I can apply the lessons of the card to my life.

2.  Meditate.

When I am working with a card, one of the things that is most beneficial for my spiritual journey is to  meditate with it.  I might sit at my altar with the card in front of me, and allow the card to be my drishti, or point of focus for my eyes.  I might close my eyes, and go on a journey with the card.  I might have a conversation with the card in my mind's voice, or I might meet up with the character in the card in my mind's eye and learn all that I can from him or her.  Meditation allows me to alter my reality and form a bond with a card that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

3.  Integrate.

Integrating the energies of the Tarot card into my daily life is especially effective for harnessing its energies.  For example, I have been working closely with The Empress card lately, as I pulled it as one of my Cards of the Year in my Year Ahead Reading for 2016.  I have found myself asking "What would the Empress do?" in my daily life.  Harnessing her energies has helped me to stand up for myself in situations where I wasn't being listed to, and she has helped me to express some really difficult emotional hurts that I have been holding on to.  When I have felt frustrated or ungrounded, she has reminded me of the healing qualities of being outside.  You can do this with any card that speaks to you.

4.  Journal.

Writing about a subject always helps me to find a deeper understanding of it.  If you are working with the energies of a specific card, you may wish to commit to journaling around the card daily for a week or a month.   You may write about what your card looks like, what your card makes you feel, or what lessons the card might have for you.  As you write and contemplate, you may find that you make connections about your card and your life that you might not have otherwise recognized.

5.  Vision.

Making a vision board is a fantastic way to really think about the energies of a card in an out-of-the-box sort of way.  You may desire to take a collection of magazines and cut out anything that reminds you of your card, and paste your findings onto a piece of cardboard to place on your altar.  Or, you may prefer to create a board on Pinterest dedicated to your card.  Whenever you come across an image reminds you of the energies and qualities of your card, you can add it to your board, and gaze at it when you need to feel inspired.

In a similar way, you can also make a playlist on Spotify of songs that remind you of your card.  For example, "We Float" by PJ Harvey always reminds me of the 6 of Swords.

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