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My Top 3 Stones for Spiritual Development

For the past few months, I have been working with three stones very closely:: Labradorite, Selenite, and Apophyllite.  These stones have been by my side pretty consistently - I place them on my desk while I work, and bring them to my altar when I meditate.  When I for a walk, I pick one to hold in my pocket, and when I sleep, I pick one to place under my pillow.  

These three stones are absolutely fantastic for those who are seeking spiritual development and a deeper insight of self.  Just holding one of these babies makes my energetic field get all happy and warm.  I notice that when I hold one of these stones while meditating, I am able to find a sense of deep calm and stillness.  

If you've been looking to add a new stone to your collection, I highly recommend working with one of these stones.


Working with Labradorite has helped me to have a stronger connection to my own intuition and my higher self. 

Labradorite is connected with the Aurora Borealis and the Welsh goddess Arianrhod, who is associated with the moon and stars.  This stone is said to provide us with soothing and intuitive energies of the moon and has a sense of magic about it.  This stone is fantastic to use for meditation, healing practices, or to connect with your higher self.

Labradorite is also a strong protector and is said to be able to shield you from negative energies.  It is known to kindle the imagination and allow you to bring your dreams into reality.

When I first started working with Reiki, I would wear this stone or carry it in my pocket.  It gave me confidence when working with energy healing and allowed me to explore my own personal way of working with Reiki.  That is how I developed my Intuitive Reiki Sessions -- playing with my creativity, knowing I was safe, and trusting my intuition.  I feel like the energy of this stone helped me to get there.  The energy of this stone feels like an old friend and reminds me of the Hermit Tarot card. 


As Labradorite works with the stars and moon, Selenite is also associated with the celestial realm.  In fact, its name comes from the Greek word for moon.  If you are looking to nurture your connection to the moon and her feminine, intuitive, and soothing nature, Selenite is the perfect stone for you.  

Selenite is a stone that I turn to when I am need of a deep and inner calm.  I use it often to help quiet my mind if I am feeling especially distracted during my meditation practice, or it helps me to come to a  centered place of stillness when I work with is as a part of my restorative yoga practice.  

Selenite is known to be a stone that carries a very high vibration, and this makes it amazing for those looking to work with their spiritual selves.  I use this stone when I am looking to connect to my Crown Chakra or Higher Chakras.  It also sends healing energy to the Heart Chakra, and balances the Third Eye. 


This stone feels like absolute magic.  I love its shape and color, and I love how magnetized I feel to it.  I had just been researching this stone when I decided that I wanted to add it to my collection.  This is an uncommon stone, so I figured I would have to order it online.  That same day, I went for a walk, and found the stone in a jewelry shop!  I was amazed at how fast it all happened, but I knew that this was an important stone, and one that I needed to work with.

When I hold Apophyllite, I feel my Third Eye and Crown Chakras opening.  I have noticed that when working with this stone during meditation, that I am able to "see" things in my mind's eye with more clarity and insight.  I also like to hold this stone to calm my nerves if I am feeling anxious or worried.  I also use this stone as a guide when I am working on clients with Intuitive Reiki Healings, as it really  helps me to tap into my intuition in a confident way.

I've nicknamed my Apophyllite my "Mystic Stone"  because it just resonates mystical and magical energy.

If you are looking to purchase stones online, I recommend Lavish Earth or Stone and Violet.

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Seven Ways to Connect to your Crystals

Over time, you will develop a connection to your stone.  You'll become intimate, exchange energies, and form a bond.  Here are seven ways to kindle that connection a bit more:

1.  Sleep with your stone.  Get dreamy with it.  That's about eight hours of cuddle time with your stone -- or more, if you like to sleep.

2.  Carry it with you.  Hold it, slip it into your pocket, your bag, or even your bra (sports bras work best for this!).

3.  Make your stone feel at home.  Create an altar for your stone.  Surround it with the good stuff -- sage, candles, mini statues and flowers.  Let it get cozy.

4.  Take it on a date.  My favorite place to spend time with my crystal is outside.  Connect to your crystal around other organic things.

5.  Get still.  Meditate with your crystal.  Relax your vibes and let it resonate with your energy.

6.  Get divinatory.  Do a Tarot reading around your stone.  Ask the Tarot what message the stone has for you and then pull a card or two.  Listen and be guided.

7.  Get in the flow.  I love to have a crystal with me when I practice yoga. Place yours at the top of your mat or at the back center to let it be your point of focus when you're in downward facing dog.

Tell do you connect to your crystals?


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Stone Saturday:: Included Quartz

This may sound weird, but sometimes I feel like my crystals want to talk to
me.  As a channel, I have been experimenting a bit with opening up my
energy field and letting a crystal speak to me.  I have found that crystals have
some beautiful things to day.  You can channel a love not from your crystal
too. The trick is the have an open mind and to trust the process.

Here's what my Included Quartz has to say:

Oh, my little shaman, you shine so bright.  When we work together, we will
dig deep dive beneath the surface and find the light that resides within.  I am
your Hermit, your Hierophant, your jungle of the inner world.  Together, there
will be great growth and transformation.  Together, we will really see -- see
beyond the everyday perceptions into the mystical truth.  Tell me your desires
-- I will help you to visualize them and manifest.  Tell me what you wish to
heal, and I will gently alighn you towards your center.  Sit with me in
meditation and i will serve you best.  Place me on your crown chakra and I will
remind you of your winner divinity.  Remember -- we are all connected.


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Ritual::How to make your own Crystal Grids


One of my favorite things to do is to make a crystal arrangement for a certain goal that I am working on.  This is easier to do if you have a collection of stones, but you can do this with as little as 3 or 4 stones.

I highly encourage you to get creative and make your own crystal layouts for your grid.  There is no wrong way to do this!

Here's how to make your own:

1.  Think about your intention.  Let's use the example of someone who wants guidance and clarity with finding a new job that will help her to line up with her life's purpose.  Yours can be more or less specific.  Meditate on it for a bit.

2.  Think about which chakra the intention pertains to.  Here we are working with the solar plexus (work) and crown (life purpose) chakras.  Ask yourself: what stones do you already have that resonate with these chakras?  Set them aside.  For this particular circumstance, you might set aside a Citrine (solar plexus) and a Clear Quartz (crown chakra).

3.  Break down the intention even more:  here we have the words guidance, clarity, job, align, life's purpose.  What stones bring out these qualities?  Set these crystals aside.  Examples for this situation would be Celestite (guidance), Fluorite (clarity), Red Jasper (job security/finances), Amethyst (align), and Garnet (life purpose).  

4.  Here's where you get to combine intuition with creativity.  Find a sacred and safe space for your grid.  Then, get arranging.  I like to place my biggest stone in the center of the formation and then create a North/South/East/West form with four medium stones.  Then, I fill in the gaps with smaller stones to form a circle around the center stone.

5. Bonus:: Place a letter of intention under your largest stone.  Putting things in writing adds to the power of your intention.


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Stone Saturday::Citrine

Whenever I think of the Strength or Sun Tarot cards, I think of Citrine.  To me, Citrine infuses within me both the courage of a lion and the brightness of the sun.  Citrine is a lovely stone for abundance, manifestation, and helps those who would like to move forward with their life path. 

Why might you want to call on the energy of Citrine?  Citrine is your sort of stone if you would like...

  • more confidence

  • increased joy

  • abundance in your business and career

  • energetic protection

  • increased spiritual growth

  • clarity of mind

  • release of fear and self doubt

  • focused energy on your belly, digestion, and liver

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