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I used to think this about intuition too...

I've been thinking about something a lot lately...

Within the Wisdom Within School of Intuition, we about to close out our month exploring clairvoyance and our sense of intuitive visioning.  

It's been so amazing to see all that has unfolded for these women within our first two months together! From ah-ha moments to a deep remembering of their inherent intuitive abilities, so much insight has come forth. It's beautiful to witness and serve as a guide through this process.

One thing that has been standing out to me is the wisdom that women are receiving around what an intuitive nudge can look like...and what kind of intuitive wisdom is actually most valuable and potent for them.

You see...I think that when we are first beginning our intuitive work, we may think that intuition is only valuable and valid if it's successfully predicting the future.

I fully admit this used to be my perception as well.

And I also know that sometimes, when speaking about past intuitive moments to my community, that those future-predicting intuitive moments may be the ones that I focus on.

But here's what rings true for me: the intuitive wisdom I receive that is actually insight around my current situations are definitely intuitive...and they are also the most informative and useful to me.

That isn't to say that having a premonition about a friend calling you moments before she does, or having a dream about getting a promotion the morning before your boss surprises you with a new role isn't valuable information - it absolutely is! 

But for me, intuition makes itself known daily + most often to help me make decisions and gain insight within the here and now.

For me just this week within my business, that looks like:

+ Pulling some cards from The Wild Unknown's Animal Spirit deck for my first design project with a new client to inspire me in the creation process

+ Sitting in front of my altar space and intuitively receiving information about the logistics of a meditation that I'll be including in an upcoming program

+ Journaling around a dream I had and reflecting upon the symbols and messages this dream showed me within the way that I am showing up in my community

+ Feeling my energetic body with Reiki and receiving the visual and logistical components of a totally new program

+ Asking my intuition to guide me through channeling and stream of consciousness writing

+ Allowing my intuition to take over so that I can best serve women within 1:1 sessions and sharing insight that creates an energetic shift within their perception or helps them to find inspired action within their business

When I fully showed up in devotion to my intuitive wisdom 10 years ago, recognizing that intuition wasn't 100% about predicting the future was a huge catalyst for me towards gaining confidence within fully trusting myself and not second guessing whether something was intuitive or not.  

Once I expanded and deepened my definition of what intuition was, things really began to fall into place for me as I gained so much insight and clarity around my spirit, body, emotions, and thought processes. I was able to make connections to heal past wounds and also know when to take action to help create a shift in my future.  

In this way, you can really see how being connected to your intuition can help you to fully show up within your personal practice and the work that you do.  Your inner wisdom is the key to finding ease, clarity, and confidence in your every-day decision making.  

What would be different for you if you fully trusted your intuition, without second guessing yourself? 

Take a moment to feel into that and vision...and then click reply to let me know what came up for you.


PS - Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to work with me 1:1 in strengthening your intuition and inherent gifts so that you can make decisions in your business from a connected and confident place? I have some spaces available within my Intuitive Mentoring Program and would love to connect with you in a visioning call. Learn more here.

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3 MORE cards (from the Minor Arcana) that speak of Intuition

Last week I talked about 3 cards from the Major Acana that can help you to tap into your intuition.

After I wrote that post, some cards from the Minor Arcana kept coming up for that spoke of Intuition...and they wanted to be heard.

I have found the Tarot to be a fantastic tool to use in my spiritual practice to help me play with and practice my intuition (read more about that here).  

Not only does pulling Tarot cards for yourself and for others help you to tap into your Intuitive Self, but you can also work with the energies of Tarot cards to help you gain confidence in your innate intuitive abilities.

Here are my top three cards from the Minor Arcana that you can connect with to totally amplify your intuitive wisdom:

The Two of Swords - My interpretation of the Two of Swords is a bit different than what you'll find in most guidebooks.  Check her out:  she's drawing within, protecting her heart, closing off the eyes and ears.  She's got the power of the moon (a symbol of intuition) & ocean (a symbol of our vast unconscious) behind her. 

This girl is rooted in feminine & intuitive energy but yet she's strong:  she's ready to fight, blindfolded.  Her intuition is that spot on.  She can see with her eyes closed.

This card can have a few interpretations, and it all comes down to who you think put the blindfold on.  Was it her, or was it someone else?  Is she training to be a clairvoyant master, or is she being fooled? 

I think that because of the blindfold, her third eye is wide open. She's listening, sensing, and guiding myself - she can see, intuitively.

The Mother of Cups -  The Mother of Cups in the Wild Unknown deck always reminds me of a magic-maker.  I feel like she is creating a potion of some kind within the cup, or perhaps, a portal into her intuition.  

The traditional Rider-Waite card shows the dress of the Queen of Cups becoming one with the ocean, which represents our unconscious minds.  Within our unconscious lies our intuition - and when we are able to bring it forward into the conscious mind, we can access our deep and inner wisdom.  

As the suit of Cups deals with matters of the heart and emotions, I feel as though the Mother of Cups may also be Clairsentient. 

Ace of Swords - The Ace of Swords speaks to me of Claircognizance.  It's that ah-ha! moment of sudden clarity of the mind.  The Ace of Swords speaks of the power of the  mind - and reminds me of how amazing it is that our brains can access our intuitive wisdom.  The Ace of Swords, to me, speaks of bringing the unconscious forward into the consciousness of our minds and having the ability to access it successfully.  

The Sword in the Ace of Swords points up, which further symbolizes wisdom (instead of using a sword for fighting).  When we combine wisdom with our intuition, we can find crystal clear clarity.  

As Madeline L'Engle says, “Your intuition and your intellect should be working together… making love. That’s how it works best.” 

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3 Tarot Cards to help you tap into your Intuitive Self

I have found the Tarot to be a fantastic tool to use in my spiritual practice to help me play with and practice my intuition (read more about that here).  

Not only does pulling Tarot cards for yourself and for others help you to tap into your Intuitive Self, but you can also work with the energies of Tarot cards to help you gain confidence in your innate intuitive abilities.

Here are my top three cards from the Major Arcana that you can connect with to totally amplify your intuitive wisdom:

Image by Danielle Cohen -

Image by Danielle Cohen -

The High Priestess - The High Priestess (or HP as I like to call her) speaks of the hidden wisdom of the subconscious, and when we work with her, we honor the mystery, the darkness, and the hidden.  We also invite the subconscious to move forward into the conscious so that we may recognize our deep inner knowing.

The High Priestess speaks of the intuitive energies of the Moon (which we'll discuss more in the next card), as well as the intuitive power of the divine feminine.  The combination of the moon with the HP's feminine power makes for a card that helps us to tap into our deep inner wisdom and to find confidence and clarity with what knowledge comes forth.

Diving deeper into the subconscious, the traditional image of the HP shows a body of water in the background - water works not only with the energies of our emotions and creativity, but also with our subconscious, intuition, and deep inner truth.  The water shows us how deep our subconsciousness can be.  Imagine how much wisdom can be found there!

The HP also hints at the mysteries of our intuitive wisdom - we may not know where our deep and vast knowledge of the unknown comes from.  But we can sit with that, be okay with it, and see the  beauty of it.  

The Moon -  To me, the Moon tells of not only Intuition, but the fear and anxiety that surround psychic wisdom for many people.  

As a symbol, the moon speaks strongly of our innate intuitive abilities.  When we tune into the wild and feminine energy of the moon, we find that we are more prone to visions that are intuitive in nature.  Our imaginations become activated in a way where we can "see" the unseen unfolding - right in our mind's eye.  

As the water in the background of the HP card works with the depths of our subconsciousness, we realize that the moon helps to churn those waters, as the Moon influences the tide.

The moon invokes our inner wild selves.  When I think of the wild, I think of the intuitive nature of animals.  Salmon know how to travel back to the place where they were born, and birds know when it's time to fly south for the winter.  When you see a murmuration of sparrows moving together as though they were one creature, we can visually see the intuitive connection between the flock.  

The Moon's cycles coincides with a woman's menstrual cycles - and many women notice that when they are menstruating, that they are more connected to their intuitive selves.

The Hermit - The Hermit works in the most wonderful of ways with drawing within and tapping into our inner wisdom, while at the same time serving as a beacon of light to help others.  

The hermit serves as a guide - he may hint at a spiritual guide or teacher, or of your Higher Self or Intuitive Self.  He makes the time to draw within and practice separating himself from the distractions of the world.  We can do this through meditation, yoga, mantra, or mudra work.  When we release the busyness of our lives, we can tap into our intuitive wisdom with ease.

Like the water that is hinted at in the HP card and the Moon, the Hermit also speaks of the mysteries of the unconscious.  

We can also see the Hermit as our intuition personified - holding a light for us to see the truth.  This light can shine wisdom on our unconsciousness, too - so that we may interpret it with clarity and confidence.

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5 ways the Tarot helps to increase intuition and spiritual connection

A sneak peek of one of my 108 illustrations for 108 Days of Sacred Intention

A sneak peek of one of my 108 illustrations for 108 Days of Sacred Intention

Tarot is a tool for soul searchers and seekers.

On the surface? It’s about shuffling the deck, picking cards, and giving you an interpretation of the card.

But really? It’s about shifting your perspective, giving you the motivation and steps you need to move forward (or to sit tight and wait for a better opportunity). 

It's about connecting to your intuition, feeling out the energy of a situation, and seeing the big picture.

It's about daily practice, diving deep into symbolism, and learning.

When I first started to play with the Tarot (through the generosity of my two best friends, who bought their first deck together (they're sisters) about 2 years before I  bought mine), I would pore over the little white booklet that came with the cards.  I would study the intricacies and symbols within each card with great detail.  And when I would use the cards to give a reading, I  noticed that the cards held so much more than an aspect of play...

When I finally purchased own first deck in 2006, a beautiful relationship formed between me and my deck.  I quickly saw how my intuition sky-rocketed and how I was feeling exponentially more spiritually connected through my practice.  

Tarot isn't just a deck of's a tool for those who want to find a deeper connection with their spirituality and intuition.

1.  Tarot encourages the start of a daily spiritual practice.

If you want to learn the Tarot, a little discipline is required.  You need dedicate time to spend with the cards, dive into their symbolism, and come up with your own personal interpretation.  With a total of 78 cards, that sets you up for at least a few months of daily practice.  When we do something daily in this way, we create a habit.  To set aside time for working with the Tarot gives you a daily dose of spiritual and intuitive connection...and makes you more likely to utilize that time for Tarot readings, journaling, and meditation in the future.

2.  Tarot prompts us to use our intuition.
One of the first things that absolutely astonished me when I first started to read Tarot for others was how it felt like "something" was taking over me...I would talk quickly, make connections I didn't see before, and say things about the cards that I didn't know I knew...this would happen every time I gave a reading to my friends, and they noticed and commented on it too.  I didn't know what was going on then...but now I see very clearly that what was happening was not "something" - it was my intuition speaking.  By laying out the cards and giving readings for myself and others, I was giving my intuition permission to speak.  The more I practiced, the more clearly I heard my intuition, and the more it had to say.  In this way, I was able to form a deep bond with my intuition that I treasure every day.  

3.  The Tarot shows us powerful and spiritual archetypes to embody.
I remember clearly the first time I saw The Magician card in my first deck, The Herbal Tarot.  I loved every aspect of his symbolism - the positioning of his arms and hands, the infinity sign over his head, and how he worked with the four suits of Tarot.  What fascinated me was that he would come up again and again in one card readings that I would do for myself every day, or fall out of the deck while I was I knew I had to study this card in more detail...and in doing so, I realized the parts of me that are akin to the Magician...and saw the aspects of myself that I could slowly shift towards embodying the Magician as well.  I have had similar experiences with other cards in the Major and Minor Arcana, such as the Daughter of Swords, the High Priestess, or The Hermit.  

4.  The Tarot is conducive to beginning a meditation practice.
One of my favorite things to do with the Tarot is to bring my deck to my altar, shuffle the cards, and allow card to come forth.  I then use that card to help guide my meditation practice.  I might visualize myself as the character of the card and explore his or her qualities within myself, or I might contemplate the energy and meaning of the card and how it applies to my life.  Through meditation, I am able to find the still and quiet space within myself where my true wisdom speaks.  

5.  The Tarot helps me in my practice as a healer {and designer, too!}
The Tarot is a tool that I use often in my work with others.  As someone who works with Reiki in an intuitive way, I am often prompted to use Tarot in my practice to help others on an energetic level.  This expands the container of the healing work that I do, and allows me to expand the container for healing to take place.  I also use Tarot in my intuitive design business for spirited entrepreneurs.  The Tarot allows me to see my design projects from a different perspective, and offers up suggestions for symbols and colors - it enhances the project, every single time!  In this way, I'm able to utilize the Tarot and connect with my spirituality in the intuitive work that I do on a daily basis.


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Ever see, ever be, ever know::My heart

photography by Danielle Cohen

photography by Danielle Cohen

Ever see, ever be, ever know
My heart
Ever see, ever be, ever know
My heart

The heart knows.  

Within the very depths of my heart, there dwells my Intuitive Self.  She beats her shamanic drum and I can feel its tempo pulsing through my body, sending me signals. She is my Wise One.  My Spirited One.  My Inner Voice.  I imagine her surrounded by amethyst, rose quartz, and the sacred smoke of sage.  When I need advice, wisdom, or guidance, I place my hand over my heart and I feel.

My heart is my pendulum.  My heart is my oracle.  My heart is my healer.

When we tune into the heart, we are tuning into our intuition.  Our intuition speaks to us in a plethora of ways.  The belly.  The hands.  Dreams.  Visions.  Coincidence.  Tarot.  A feeling.  A scent.  A song.  An itch in the third eye.

Or sometimes, we just know.  

There is something so powerful about using our intuition.  My intuition has guided me to travel. It lead me to my soul mate.  It protects me.  It keeps me healthy.  It caused me to be in the place at the right time, and find my first kitten.  I moved across the country to a beautiful new place because of an intuitive nudge. These nudges, these hunches...they can lead us forward on our spiritual journeys.  

What I love the most about my relationship with my heart and my Intuitive Self is that I'm always getting to know her on a deeper and deeper level.  The learning is never done.  I will never be complete with learning how to harness my intuition. There is always room to grow, always the space to explore.

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