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Ritual: Vision Boards

A vision board is something you create to help you move forward with your goals -- and it might bring up some goals that you have that you didn't even know about!  Vision boards lay things out in a tangible and visual way -- you can even hang your board in a space that you will see every day.  I have worked with visioning for a few years now and it's incredible what has manifested.  There's power and magic in articulating what you want in this way.

So here's what you'll need:

-Quiet time & space

-Some old magazines that you don't want any more (bonus -- you can throw them away afterwards and have more space!)

-A piece of cardboard, paper, or even the inside of your Tarot Within notebook -- anything goes here, really.



-Sage, candles, and tea (optional, but they help to set the mood)

Start off by doing whatever it is you need to do to feel grounded, safe, and calm. Perhaps light a candle, burn sage, or say a prayer. Pick a magazine from your stack and start flipping through. When you come across an image that sticks out to you, rip out the whole page (you can cut fine details later).  As you move through the magazines, ask yourself:  How do I want to feel?  What do I want to accomplish?  Where do I want to be?  What do I need?

When you have worked through all of your magazines, grab your scissors and start cutting out the images from the ripped out pages.  Play with how they will be arranged on your board or notebook.  Then, get gluing. 

I really like to think about what each image is working on manifesting for me and write  sentence about it in my journal.  For example, if I cut out a picture of someone practicing yoga, I might write, "I integrate yoga practices into my daily life" -- even if I don't (yet!), stating affirmations in the present moment helps.

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Ritual::How to make your own Crystal Grids


One of my favorite things to do is to make a crystal arrangement for a certain goal that I am working on.  This is easier to do if you have a collection of stones, but you can do this with as little as 3 or 4 stones.

I highly encourage you to get creative and make your own crystal layouts for your grid.  There is no wrong way to do this!

Here's how to make your own:

1.  Think about your intention.  Let's use the example of someone who wants guidance and clarity with finding a new job that will help her to line up with her life's purpose.  Yours can be more or less specific.  Meditate on it for a bit.

2.  Think about which chakra the intention pertains to.  Here we are working with the solar plexus (work) and crown (life purpose) chakras.  Ask yourself: what stones do you already have that resonate with these chakras?  Set them aside.  For this particular circumstance, you might set aside a Citrine (solar plexus) and a Clear Quartz (crown chakra).

3.  Break down the intention even more:  here we have the words guidance, clarity, job, align, life's purpose.  What stones bring out these qualities?  Set these crystals aside.  Examples for this situation would be Celestite (guidance), Fluorite (clarity), Red Jasper (job security/finances), Amethyst (align), and Garnet (life purpose).  

4.  Here's where you get to combine intuition with creativity.  Find a sacred and safe space for your grid.  Then, get arranging.  I like to place my biggest stone in the center of the formation and then create a North/South/East/West form with four medium stones.  Then, I fill in the gaps with smaller stones to form a circle around the center stone.

5. Bonus:: Place a letter of intention under your largest stone.  Putting things in writing adds to the power of your intention.


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Ritual::How to ask the Tarot a Question

One of the main things to remember when asking the Tarot a question is to leave room for open-endedness.  We live in a universe full of infinite possibility and potential, so when we ask questions that have a yes or no answer or provide only 2 choices, you are not only underestimating the universe, but also giving up your responsibility and free will.  Also, asking about time is difficult for the Tarot to express, and as we get deeper into the cards and their meanings, you'll see why.  So, instead of asking "when," think about how you can find a different perspective from which to ask your question.

Instead, ask an open-ended question.  Here are some guides:

-"I would like insight right now about..."

-"How can I better understand..."

-"What is the significance of...."

-"What do I have to learn from...."

-"How can I have a better chance of...."

Find a balance between too much detail and too vague of a question.

Also, keep in mind:  state your questions in a positive light.  This attracts a more positive outcome, not only for the reading, but also for your thought-pattern and the situation as a whole. 

Does this shift your perspective a bit for how to ask a question?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!  xo

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Ritual::Setting the stage for a Tarot reading (Tarot Within Excerpt)

I feel that for readings to be effective and a sacred act of divination, it is necessary to pull the cards from your deck in a calm, open, and centered manner.  This is not always possible, I know...but here are some ways to attain that centered vibe so that you can in turn have a powerful reading experience and be receptive to the messages in the cards.

  • Find a proper place to do readings -- a place that feels right to you, a sacred and centered place, free from clutter. That may be your bed, your kitchen table, your desk, or a special spot outside. Where ever it is, let it be organized and allow good energy to flow there. Perhaps set up an altar in this space with crystals, a sage bundle, and some flowers. Do what you need to do to add a little extra magic to your sacred space so that it invites you to feel centered and focused from the moment you sit down there to do your reading.

  • Show respect for your cards. Find a centered state of mind before shuffling the deck and pulling a card. Take three deep, clearing breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth (bonus - breathe the exhales onto your deck to clear them!), or practice a few sun salutations. Dance a bit to get your wiggles out, meditate, tap into your creative energy with a zentangle....whatever it is you need to do to find your inner calm and to connect to your intuitive self -- do that. Then, shuffle the cards.

  • Set an intention. How would you like to feel as you are pulling the cards? What are you hoping to accomplish? Meditate on this intention, perhaps repeating it with every breath until you feel ready and grounded.

  • Connect to your intuition -- simply set an intention to connect to this innate knowledge and wisdom. Everyone is able to access this part of their inner selves...and the more you intend to connect to your intuition, the more you'll start to hear it speaking to you.

Do you have any rituals that you do before pulling a Tarot card?  Share in the comments below...I'd love to hear them!


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Ritual: 7//7//7 Candle Manifestation

I have a story to tell you:

Eight years ago or so, I planned a special day for my birthday.  I decided to order some sushi to-go, drive to the ocean and eat while I watched the waves crash, and then wander about a small little sea-side town until it was time to leave to go to my best friend's house.

While I was strolling about the town, lingering in shops, I came upon a shop called The Magic Shop.  While I had been in this shop a few times, I had never really interacted with anyone who worked there.

I walked into the shop and looked around at the crystals, books, tarot cards, and candles.  As I was smell-testing a few of the candles, the man who was at the counter asked if he could help me with anything.  I said that I was just browsing, thanks.  Then he asked me, "How old are you?"  Now, if this man had asked me this question on any other day but my birthday, I would have been honestly a little suspicious of the randomness of the question.  But, I answered him and told him it was coincidentally my birthday.  "Well,"  he said, "we give a free candle to anyone who comes into the shop on their birthday.  You need this cinnamon one."  I was a little taken aback by this, but intrigued because at the time I was a bit obsessed with cinnamon -- I added it to everything from tea to cereal.  "Oh, thank you," I said.  Then, the man gave me my first bit of magic and ceremony, ever.  He instructed me, "This is a very special wishing candle.  Use it only when you absolutely want a wish to come true.  For 7 days, at 7:00am and 7:00pm, light the candle for 7 minutes.  As you wait for the 7 minutes to pass, meditate on the idea that the universe is full of infinite abundance, and that there is a way for your wish to come true."  I thought about this for a moment and then said, "I am not sure if I could do something like that for a week....I'm usually on my way to work or busy during one of those times." He replied, "If it's something you really want, you'll make the time for it."

& so I kept my candle until just the right moment.  I had just moved and was in the application process for a new job.  I really, truly wanted this job -- at the time, it was my dream job.  So, I decided it was the perfect time to use my wishing cinnamon candle.  For a week, at 7am and 7pm, I made the time to sit with my candle for 7 minutes.  On the last day at 7:00pm, I let the candle burn out.  The next day, I got a call with an offer for the job!

Now...who knows if I would have gotten the job or not without the candle.  But, they did say I was in close competition with another applicant.  & I believe that this ritual is all about intention, commitment, and sending your wish out into the universe.

If you want to try this ritual, think about customizing it to your own liking.  What does your intuition tell you do to?  Maybe you chose another kind of candle, or don't even use a candle at all.  Maybe you decide to meditate with the candle at 8am and 8pm for 8 days.  Maybe you decide to light the candle only once a day. The beauty of ritual is that it's totally up to you how you want to go about it.  Own it.  Let it be yours.

Tell me:  Do you plan on trying this?  What's a wish that you have that you want to come true?

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