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Shifting. Unfolding.

The Hermit's light guides me within.
The Daughter's sword gives me strength.
The Pentacles protect and ground my energy centers.
These three cards:  they speak to the shifting and unfolding that has happened over the past month.

This has been a month of shedding.  I have released ideas that held me back.  I have released the need to know everything.  I have sunk into the unknown, and I'm comfortable here.  Which is saying a lot for me.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take a quick trip to Portland, Oregon, to visit this city that fills my dreams and seems like a beacon for opportunity.  One of my soul-friends lives there, and she guided me around the city for a day while we saw a squirrel bearing important messages, ate gluten-free treats, and cleansed our throat chakras in the rain. 

The next day my husband and I went to the Japanese gardens and we happened upon a sacred celebration of the birth of the Buddha.  My ears were filled with chanting, my nose with the smoke of incense, my eyes with the beauty of the gardens.  I almost fainted.  A squirrel guided us into the gardens, and another one blessed us with his healing song as we left. 

Squirrels, in this capacity, speak of releasing what no longer serves us.  They speak of balance -- there must be play alongside the work.  Not just job-related work...but spiritual work as well.  When we are stuck in the thick of spiritual work, finding time for spiritual play and exploration is so important.

I am listening to the squirrel.  I am diving into my winter's cache and releasing that which no longer serves me.  I am guided by the light of the Hermit.  I am fortified by the strength of the Daughter's sword.  I am protected by the four Pentacles, surrounding me in each cardinal direction.

I am shifting.  I am unfolding. 

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