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5 of the best things I shifted in my business in 2017

As we are approaching the end of the year, dear one, I have been spending a lot of time thinking in retrospect about 2017, and visioning forward for all that I hope will unfold within 2018.

As I have sat in reflection of this past year, I have noticed just how much my business changed. 

I am celebrating that as I hold space for my work in this current moment, it feels like it truly allows for me to show up in a way that honors *all* of me. I have found such clarity around the exact type of work that I am here to do, and I have been exploring how I can be of best service in a way that truly supports those who are in my community (like you!).

Within my reflection, I keep coming back to 5 things that I shifted or added into my business that have had a monumental impact on my work.

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I used to think this about intuition too...

I've been thinking about something a lot lately...

Within the Wisdom Within School of Intuition, we about to close out our month exploring clairvoyance and our sense of intuitive visioning.  

It's been so amazing to see all that has unfolded for these women within our first two months together! From ah-ha moments to a deep remembering of their inherent intuitive abilities, so much insight has come forth. It's beautiful to witness and serve as a guide through this process.

One thing that has been standing out to me is the wisdom that women are receiving around what an intuitive nudge can look like...and what kind of intuitive wisdom is actually most valuable and potent for them.

You see...I think that when we are first beginning our intuitive work, we may think that intuition is only valuable and valid if it's successfully predicting the future.

I fully admit this used to be my perception as well.

And I also know that sometimes, when speaking about past intuitive moments to my community, that those future-predicting intuitive moments may be the ones that I focus on.

But here's what rings true for me: the intuitive wisdom I receive that is actually insight around my current situations are definitely intuitive...and they are also the most informative and useful to me.

That isn't to say that having a premonition about a friend calling you moments before she does, or having a dream about getting a promotion the morning before your boss surprises you with a new role isn't valuable information - it absolutely is! 

But for me, intuition makes itself known daily + most often to help me make decisions and gain insight within the here and now.

For me just this week within my business, that looks like:

+ Pulling some cards from The Wild Unknown's Animal Spirit deck for my first design project with a new client to inspire me in the creation process

+ Sitting in front of my altar space and intuitively receiving information about the logistics of a meditation that I'll be including in an upcoming program

+ Journaling around a dream I had and reflecting upon the symbols and messages this dream showed me within the way that I am showing up in my community

+ Feeling my energetic body with Reiki and receiving the visual and logistical components of a totally new program

+ Asking my intuition to guide me through channeling and stream of consciousness writing

+ Allowing my intuition to take over so that I can best serve women within 1:1 sessions and sharing insight that creates an energetic shift within their perception or helps them to find inspired action within their business

When I fully showed up in devotion to my intuitive wisdom 10 years ago, recognizing that intuition wasn't 100% about predicting the future was a huge catalyst for me towards gaining confidence within fully trusting myself and not second guessing whether something was intuitive or not.  

Once I expanded and deepened my definition of what intuition was, things really began to fall into place for me as I gained so much insight and clarity around my spirit, body, emotions, and thought processes. I was able to make connections to heal past wounds and also know when to take action to help create a shift in my future.  

In this way, you can really see how being connected to your intuition can help you to fully show up within your personal practice and the work that you do.  Your inner wisdom is the key to finding ease, clarity, and confidence in your every-day decision making.  

What would be different for you if you fully trusted your intuition, without second guessing yourself? 

Take a moment to feel into that and vision...and then click reply to let me know what came up for you.


PS - Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to work with me 1:1 in strengthening your intuition and inherent gifts so that you can make decisions in your business from a connected and confident place? I have some spaces available within my Intuitive Mentoring Program and would love to connect with you in a visioning call. Learn more here.

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