Are you ready to discover the Spirit Within your business? 

It's time to finally connect to your intuitive self as an entrepreneur
in a sustainable, dedicated, consistent practice.

Let’s work together to infuse your inherent wisdom within your luscious work.

Spiritual Business Mentoring for Entrepreneurs
Tarot Readings and Strategy for Entrepreneurs


You've always known that there was more to life and the energy of your business than what meets the eye.  There is an sense of magic within your work that you desire to connect with...a mixture of alchemy, ritual, and connection...but you're unsure of how to tap into these qualities within yourself and your work.

Right now you're feeling lost and disconnected. You're tired of the hustle, working long hours, and missing out on free time with family and friends. You desire to trust your inner self so you can really listen to your inner wisdom. You know that there’s another way to connect with your work, your business, and your community. But you need support in getting from where you are to where you wish to be.

You've been searching for something to consistently connect with so that you can show up fully within your work - something to light up your soul on a daily basis, something to remind you of your inner divinity in all moments. You know that you would feel at home in your work if you were to fully honor your spirit and the unique services you provide within your business. But you're unsure as to where to start.

It's time to awaken the intuitive mystic Leader within you

Working with Elle North has been my best decision both for myself as a Spiritual being, artist, and solo-preneur. She is dedicated to helping as best as she can, and will always listen to me with a degree of love that I did not think was possible. I am now more aware of the being I am, of the possibilities ahead of me, and am equipped with new tools and a new way of seeing my sacred Self.
— Nolwenn Petitbois,
Working with Elle helped me transform not only how I envisioned my business but, more importantly, how I viewed the obstacles that appeared along my journey as an entrepreneur. Through our 1:1 collaborative visioning sessions, I was able to see, when confronted with each of many challenges, the action steps they were inviting me to take. She guided me in the process of prioritizing what needed my attention most, aligning my action steps accordingly, and holding myself accountable to them.
— Leslie Caroline,
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How I work

I'm guided strongly by my intuition and the archetypes of the Tarot.  

As someone who has been self-employed for 8 years, I found that the more I connected with my inner wisdom and explored the energetic qualities of my business, the more flow, stability, and abundance I found within my work.

With experience as a teacher for over 15 years, I know how to create a soulful and intuitive program that takes your unique needs into consideration.

I like to think outside the box and get creative. I believe in breaking the rules and ignoring how things "should" be done to honor what resonates most with my clients. 

In our sessions, I will connect with the energy, desires, and your spiritual needs of you AND your business to intuitively bring you towards a deep sacred inner connection.  You will begin to be guided by your inner wisdom and feel confident as you walk along your path as an entrepreneur. We’ll work together in a sense of co-creation and collaboration so that you can know exactly which action steps to take to support your business and your important work.

intuitive mentoring
for the essence of your business.

Working with Elle has transformed and inspired my business into a living container of my own work in the world. The technological aspects of my business have never been my strength until now. I have become empowered by the structure and clarity that Elle offers with her teachings as well as her intuitive ability to understand and reflect my vision. I think of her like the Queen of Cups, as she has provided the solid, consistent, and magical space for me to allow my creative potential to emerge.
— Lisa Fazio,

My Background

  • Student of the Goddess + Myth for 10+ years

  • Creatrix of Ceremony + Ritual

  • Intuitive Graphic Designer for Spirited Entrepreneurs

  • Background in Education

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Sacred Space Holder

  • Lineage Explorer

  • Tarot Reader + Teacher

In short, I hold a strong passion for guiding entrepreneurs forward on their path
to carry out their meaningful work in their communities.

What I love about working with Elle is the co-creative space that we enter into and the ideas that I walk away with to implement in my business. Working with Elle keeps me attuned to my wisdom and on track with my business intentions. I value her presence, her knowledge and her support immensely.
— Nona Jordan,

It's time to be fully devoted to your work


 A six month program

What's included in this package:

  • A Spiritual Visioning Intake Form - designed to help you get crystal clear about your goals so that we can work together in the best way possible

  • One 90-minute Mentoring Session call per month, where I take you through my unique approach to helping you create divine connection within your sacred self and your business. We will call forth an archetype of the Tarot to support us in grounding in, and then will flow into an exploration of what has unfolded for you within your work. We’ll solve issues on the spot, and will create action steps to support you in gaining forward momentum.

  • Recordings of all of our sessions, so that you can go back for extra clarity and reminders.

  • A Marco Polo check-ins + email communication between each session, so that you can ask questions, get feedback, and receive support + accountability.

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Working with Elle means having someone who genuinely seeks to understand each client as an individual, understanding as well that each of us, though we travel our own path, can grow and learn alongside each other.
Elle brings this kind of human connection, that seems so natural to her being. There are fewer who are able to communicate and share knowledge in such a straightforward and interesting way, as to make the learning and absorption of such topics feel natural.
Connecting with her and learning from her always feels very organic. I have felt so fortunate to have been able to work with her.
— Van Lee,

Your investment:

$2500 for the 6 month program
payment plans available

illuminate clarity within your work and yourself

My mentorship and journey work with Elle has been a divine invitation to connect with my intuition, my life force, my very essence! She invited me to use practices towards uncovering my creativity, releasing what is no longer in alignment, and curating offerings that serve my purpose. Elle beautifully infuses the magical with the practical into ways that are useful and valuable for your unique identity. Her guidance is so nurturing as well as amazing- it takes you to the next level you dreamed of and beyond.
— Dawna Matthews

Topics we can explore and unravel together

  • Intuitive Development

  • Organizational Support + Accountability

  • Exploring your own lineage and its practices

  • Graphic Design + Systems

  • Problem Solving

  • Grounding and Clearing

  • Idea Development + Brainstorming

  • Seasonal and lunar cycles

  • Tarot Reading + Archetypes

  • Program Development + Creation

  • Personalized Rituals + Ceremonies

  • Uncovering your innate gifts

  • Intention Setting

  • Creating space for the sacred within your life

  • Mindset shifts

  • Showing up as a Mystic Intuitive Leader

Is the Spirit Within Mentoring Program right for you?

Love, you may have a few questions that would soothe your soul to have answered before we hop on a call together.

What kind of entrepreneurs get the best results working with you?

I work with entrepreneurs who are totally lit up by all things spiritual and who have a strong desire to develop a committed spiritual practice.  This is for leaders who desire to infuse mysticism, intuition, and spiritual practices into how they show up as business owners. I tend to work with all humans who identify as women or are women-of-center, and I especially thrive working with individuals who are curious around areas of social justice and infusing their own lineage and ancestry into their spiritual practices. 

Those who work with me are tired of the hustle and desire to tune into their intuition to show them the next steps to the expansion and growth of their business. Those who get the best results are curious soul seekers who are passionate about deepening their awareness and connection to the divine, and are ready to set the time aside to create space for that deepening to occur.  They see their business as a reflection of themselves and understand that their business has its own unique energy that they can connect with.

How do I know if I am ready to work with you?

If you are ready to work with me, you feel a calling deep within the core of your being and you know that you have the space to fully show up within our work together. You are totally devoted to fully showing up and doing the work.  You know that this journey may not  be easy - but you are clear in your intention and you hold a vision for the work that you do.

How is The Spirit Within Business Mentoring different from your other offerings?

The Spirit Within is a unique offering where we get to play in the sacred realm one-on-one.  That means that I will be guiding you forward on your unique path in a way that is extremely customised.  Because of this customisation, this support is on a much higher level than you would receive in a group program.

How do we get started working together?

Let's connect to see if we are a good fit for each other.  Click here to apply for a Visioning Call.