Your Card of the Year for 2016


Your Card of the Year for 2016


You may  have heard of the practice of selecting a word for the year.  Strength.  Love.  Compassion.  Kindness.

What if, in the same way, you had a Tarot card to guide you forward in 2016?  An archetype of sorts to provide insight, clarity, and confidence as you make your way through the  new year?  The Daughter of Swords.  The High Priestess.  The Ace of Wands.

Here's how it works::
:: You fill out the form that comes up upon purchasing this product.  {{If you want to use Paypal, click here to do so and I will send you the form after your payment}}
:: I spend some time meditating on your goals and aspirations for 2016
:: I then send your energy into my Tarot deck and allow the Tarot to bring forth a card for you {sometimes two cards come forward, in which case you'll receive a report for each!}
:: Using the information that you provided, I will write up a personalized PDF report of how the card applies to you and 2016.
:: This personalized PDF will also detail how to use your Card Of The Year to benefit you, mantras for your card, and a written personalized meditation for you and your specific card.

If you would like to purchase this as a gift for someone, you may wish to pay via Paypal and when I contact you, you can let me know who the recipient of the gift is, and I will contact her directly.

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