You're a very scent-oriented person - you may associate specific scents with specific clients, or use essential oils within your work. 

As an entrepreneur with clairalience, you receive intuitive nudges through your sense of smell. 

Within your work, this may look like certain scents coming forth to you to signify a 'yes,' while other smells may come to you as a 'no.' 

You may also receive a smell when you are being warned of danger or when your energetic boundaries are being crossed.

You can further nurture your clairalience by setting up a daily meditation practice.  Checking in with your sense of smell throughout the day can serve as a fantastic guidepost, too.

You may connect with the animal ally of wolf or fox (who both have an amazing sense of smell), and you may also enjoy working with Tourmaline, which is known to help with one's sense of smell.

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