You're known to be a good listener - you often attract clients that desire to be truly heard.  

As someone with clairaudience, you're really drawn to working with the spirit world and communicating your intuitions with your clients.  

You can hear that which cannot be heard by others - perhaps when you are working one-on-one with a client you hear just the right words to say as though someone were right next to you speaking, or you  may hear the words forming in your mind.   

Sometimes, you hear messages for yourself or your clients/community in the music that you're listening too, or perhaps you have a really clear connection with your spirit guide or higher self.

You can further nurture your clairaudience by setting up a daily channeling practice and taking note of any random thoughts that pop into your mind that seem significant.

You may connect with the animal wisdom of Elephant (who hears that which cannot be heard by others and is very wise), and you may also enjoy working with Celestite to help develop clarity around spirit communications.

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