You're a very wise person - within your work, you love problem solving and fact finding.  You probably had an easy time in school, and enjoy learning so much that it may be a big part of your current job. 

As someone with claircognizance, sometimes, you just know things without having ever been told them before.  When you use your intuition within your work, you may find yourself speaking to your clients without really thinking about where the words are coming from - yet they will still resonate with whomever you are speaking to.

Intuitive downloads may just come to you out of nowhere around a new program or offering.  When you hit a roadblock within your business, the solution may pop into your mind out of nowhere when taking a walk or as you fall asleep.

You can further nurture your claircognizance by setting up a daily meditation practice to witness themind's wisdom, and by playing intuitive guessing games with friends.

You may connect with the animal wisdom of Stag (who has antlers that are seen as spiritual transmitters of wisdom) , and you may also enjoy working with Amethyst to help develop clarity around your thoughts.

Want to develop your intuition as an entrepreneur in a deep and focused way?  Check out my 1:1 Intuitive Mentoring Program for Entrepreneurs, designed to help you explore the Spirit within your business.

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