You're a total foodie, and you love getting creative with different taste combinations.

You may be a chef or nutrition coach, or you may work with herbs, teas, and tinctures for your clients. 

You can imagine taste combinations in your mouth and know what will taste amazing and what will be awful.

As someone with clairgustance, you may have had the experience of tasting something in your mouth that served as an intuitive nudge even when you weren't eating anything.  When you play with your intuition, you may get a bad taste in your mouth when the answer is 'no,' or sense something sweet when the answer is 'yes.'

As an entrepreneur, your intuition  may speak to you in terms of tastes or taste memories that come from nowhere, or you may use your intuition daily when you cook to fully nourish yourself.  

You can further nurture your clairgustance by setting up a daily meditation practice, and recording any 'random' tastes that you get throughout the day to develop your own taste symbolism guide.

You may connect with the animal wisdom of Cow or Rabbit (who both have a high number of tastebuds), and you may also enjoy working with Amethyst to help nurture clarity around your intuitive nudges.

Want to develop your intuition as an entrepreneur in a deep and focused way? Check out my Intuitive Business Mentoring Program, designed to help you tune in to the spirit of your business.

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