To take the quiz:: Move the pink dot on the slider all the way to the left if you totally disagree, and move it to the far right if you are a definite "yes."  If you're somewhere in between, move the pink dot on the slider accordingly.  Let your intuition guide the way, and answer the questions quickly without over-thinking them.

Discover your intuitive gifts

1. Are you able to recall fine details about what a person looks like and was wearing after a brief encounter?

2. Do you remember what someone says, word for word?

3. Do you remember your emotions in past situations?

4. Do you practice/benefit from massage, Reiki, craniosacral healing, yoga, etc.?

5. Can you imagine what foods taste like, even before you have eaten them?

6. Have you ever just *known* something was true?

7. Do you rarely need directions but still get where you need to be without getting lost?

8. Can you easily recall songs and melodies, even ones that you have only heard a couple of times?

9. Have you ever had a 'bad feeling' or 'good feeling' that was spot on?

10. Can you remember how it felt on your fingers to touch objects from childhood?

11. Can you walk into a house and smell *exactly* what is cooking?

12. Do you get clear messages from free writing or meditation?

13. Do you have vivid dreams that you remember or do you keep a dream journal?

14. Can you "hear" emotion over the phone?

15. Can you tell how an animal is feeling, even without strong cues?

16. Do you get your best first impression of someone while shaking his or her hand?

17. Can you guess how to make a recipe, without any instructions or ingredients given to you?

18. Have you ever predicted something, without knowing where the information came from?

19. Have you ever known what something would look like before you saw it?

20. Do you feel like you can hear the thoughts of others?

21. If you are around someone who is crying, do you cry too? If someone is laughing, do you giggle too, even if you don't know why?

22. Do you feel the need to wash your hands after going into a thrift shop? Do you not like buying used things?

23. Does a loved one smell different to you when he or she is sick?

24. Do you get really fantastic ideas out of nowhere?

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