You're a very tactile person - you learn by doing, and you may even work with your hands as an energy healer, yoga teacher, or massage therapist. 

You're the type of person who is sensitive to certain textures, and you may be particular about the fabrics that you wear.

As someone with clairtangency, you're really drawn to vintage objects, and you can easily sense the energy coming off of crystals - which may be why you have a collection of them growing on your desk space. 

Your intuition may speak to you in terms of a deep inner knowing when you hold things - especially if you're doing a reading for the person who owns the object.  Because of this, you may find that you thrive working with clients in person or holding in person workshops to supplement your online work.

You can further nurture your clairtangency by practicing your skills!  Ask friends for objects that belong to people you don't know and see if you can accurately tell something about the person who owns it.

You may connect with the animal wisdom of Otter (they have a fantastic sense of touch and love to touch and play with objects), and you may also enjoy working with Amethyst to help develop clarity around your clair.

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