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I remember vividly the first time I walked into a stone shop.  It was my first time in a new city and I was doing a bit of exploring.  I was looking for something to connect me to my new and independent self.  Something to remind me of my innate spirituality.

I remember how shocked I was when I saw how many crystals existed.  How would I ever pick which one to use?  How could I buy only one stone?  How should I use this crystal, anyway?  How did it all work?

I kept going back to that store, and made it my goal to learn about crystals as best as I could. I'm a little bit stubborn like that.  I was also so attracted to their energy and I could feel a shift within me when I held one. 

Eventually, I started doing research.  Playing with ritual.  Discovering.

And almost exactly 9 years after I first walked into that stone shop, I put all of the wisdom that I gathered into this manual.  Just for you.  So that it doesn't take you 9 years. 

Draw in Crystal Energy to Realign with your True Self

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Part workbook, part activity book, part crystal wisdom treasure trove, Energized is designed to give you clarity and confidence when you work with stones and their energy. 

It's a FREE self-guided course on crystals in e-book format.

Every one of the pages of this manual is filled with useable and practical information.  I left out all of the fluff because I have a passion for activity and ritual.  A teacher at heart, I believe in the value of hands-on learning.

Oh, and did I mention Energized comes with a 3-track meditation album?

This is the sort of book you'll come back to again and again. Let it be your resource and guide for working with crystal energy.

By the time you've read the final page, you will have found crystal clarity.  You will have resources and go-to guides to use when you know you need a new crystal, but aren't sure where to begin.  You'll confidently cleanse and program your crystals.  You'll feel empowered by combining mantra with crystals.  You'll even learn how to make crystal essences to use in sacred ceremony.

Energized is designed to be a transformational guide to intuitively replace the mysteries of crystals with connection, wisdom, and awareness.

The book is both visually beautiful and magically useful. It is the kind of book I will want to come back to again and again. I’ve learned a lot about crystals in a way that was easy for me. Your book breaks down a massive amount of crystal knowledge in a way that gave me instant confidence about how to use crystals. I have already started using the crystals I have more in my life, and now I want to do all of your exercises!
— Vanessa Sage,
Inspired, sacred and beautiful; Energized is just that. Pure energy. Bouncing off the page, and surrounding and supporting the reader with light. Elle’s knowledge and attention to detail are a testament to her passion, which shines through in this gorgeous instructional manual. Her meditations are simple to follow for beginners, but powerful enough that seasoned meditators will enjoy. A true delight!
— Adele McConnell,

Here's a taste of what you'll do in each section of the manual:

In this section you will...

-Learn the basics about the Chakras

-Take a Chakra Assessment Quiz to find out where your energetic imbalances lie

-Balance emotions with crystals

-Match crystals with their mantras

-Be guided through a chakra meditation (mp3)

-Create a crystal grid

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Draw in Crystal Energy to Realign with your True Self

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