Hey there visionary...

I know that as someone who is an entrepreneur - whether you are just starting out, redefining your niche, or whether you've been doing your work for years...

There's a heck of a lot to learn.

One of the things that I see entrepreneurs struggling with is how to ground into all of the behind-the-veil tech-visual components that are necessary if you're holding space in this cosmic online realm.

Beyond the realm of a website, there's such potential within the way that we can share our important work with our communities. 

Through audio, visuals, documents, newsletters, and classroom portals...there's an abundance of ways that we can create a sense of flow within our work and support our audience.

But I know that all of those pieces can be difficult to create when you are working on showing up within your business daily.

And on top of it...learning these skills can be a little flat.  As a spiritual human, I totally understand the need for inspiration and inner visioning to be a part of my creation process.



feeling grounded and confident
when you play with technology in your business...

with your spiritual practice supporting you along the way.


As someone who is part mystic, part geek, I believe that working with systems and technology within the realm of your business can be full of ease...when you're able to dive into play and the practical at the same time.

That's why I've designed Entrepreneurial Empress, 

a 6-month journey designed for entrepreneurs
who desire to explore the mysteries of tech + design
and feel fully empowered every step of the way.

WE BEGIN August 2018

Working together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs cheering you on, you'll dive into sacred rituals designed to help you connect to the energy of your business...

and then you'll jump into inspired action with the collective and learn the ins-and-outs of tech skills from a place of creative confidence and flow.

You'll navigate forward on this path with a step-by-step plan laid out for you with the support of myself (a Squarespace Circle Member who knows design programs + systems inside and out...just check out my portfolio here) AND with the other magic makers who will be joining us for this journey.

By the beginning of 2019, you’ll know how to confidently share your own voice + visuals in various mediums with your community - so that your vision, message, and brand can be fully expressed in a way that is without limitation or boundary.

Before working with Elle in Entrepreneurial Empress, I had deep desires of shifting my business model and reaching more beautiful souls. However, I was not sure how to make that happen.

Working with Elle in this way has given me the tools and the skill set to confidently expand my reach.

Elle is highly effective and compassionate teacher. She has been a powerful contributor to my inner and outer expansion. I’ll always be grateful that our paths have crossed.
— Brenda Rivas

Let's explore what's included...

In other words...how is this different from your Squarespace Sovereignty offering?


This offering is designed for entrepreneurs who already have the foundation of a website on the Squarespace platform created
and who want to mix magic, visioning, + the Tarot into the logistics/techy side of business. 

In this offering, you'll receive the benefit of heaps of focused support from me...while also becoming a part of a community of like-minded magic makers and learning as a collective.


  • 6 months of group calls
    Mixing Tarot, Meditation, Visioning, Elements, and Technology + Design Systems
    Includes tutorials - all calls will be recorded
    (total of 12 calls)

  • Weekly Office Hours in a Private Facebook group
    this is a space where you can ask questions and have responses tailored to where you are in your business now
    (total of 20)

  • Monthly 1:1 Intuitive Design + Support Calls with Elle
    so that we can hone in on any design/tech projects you're working on and make major progress towards your goals (total of 6)

  • 1 Personal 6-month Ahead Business Tarot Reading
    in separate live call

    Receive insight from the archetypes of the Tarot as we explore your vision for the upcoming year and pinpoint specific action steps, practices, and explorations that will support the important work that you do.

  • 1 Website + Branding focus call
    Get your branding super clear + organize your website, once and for all!

  • 2 Hours of Personal Tech Support
    This is an opportunity to receive full support from me around a small design project. For example, the implementation of custom code on your site or the creation of a design template.

Dive deeper into all that you'll learn...

Monthly Magic Topics:

  • AUGUST: Give + Receive with Newsletter Flow
    learn how to weave your own peronal mythology into the way you communicate with your list - plus learn all of the ways you can be supported by newsletter integrations and funnels. Our focus will be the Mailchimp platform.
  • SEPTEMBER: Become an organized Mystic Planner
    root into both the vision AND the action. Learn how to create a schedule and flow from a place of ceremony and devotion to your work.
  • OCTOBER: Become a sovereign creative and explore the realm of Photoshop
    create graphics that resonate with the energetic frequency of your business.
  • NOVEMBER: Speak your truth with audio editing
    so that your voice can be heard far and wide through guided meditations and podcasts.
  • DECEMBER: Become an InDesign visionary
    beautifully place your wisdom and insight into documents that you share with your audience.
  • JANUARY: Put it all together in your own online classroom
    create an offering for those in your community utilizing all of the above tools and practices.
Fun Fact: The Tarot totally informed the order + content of the above curriculum

Learning tailored for the mystic...

During each of our group calls together, we will:

  • Ground into the earth with immense gratitude I am in awe of the beauty of mama earth, and also know that she is hurting deeply on an ecological level. The element of earth is essential to the Empress, and during each call we will witness the way that we can ground into the foundation of not only our business, but also our home as humans.
  • Explore an archetype of the Tarot and witnessing that energy within the realm of our monthly topic. The Tarot is an integral part of this work, but you do not need to be a Tarot expert to work with its energy within this course.
  • Gain Confidence in an area of tech/design so you can radiantly share your message + work with your community. It's amazing how much more fun learning how to make a PDF or editing your audio recordings can be when we integrate our spiritual practices into both our energetic + business systems!
  • Invite in the five elements so that we can create cosmic alchemy within each project we create. For me, the elements are essentail components within the realms of Tarot, the natural world, and my spiritual practice. We'll explore the elements to receive insight within the work that we do.
  • Integrate plant and crystal energy into your work, as these gifts from the earth are indespensible within the toolbox of any one working with the archetype of the Empress.
  • Honor our intuition every step of the way, and learn different tools and techniques for tuning into our inherent wisdom within our work.

  • In other words, this offering is a cosmic concoction of

      1 part 1:1 Mentoring + Guidance
      2 parts Mystical Tech Confidence
      1 part laser-focus to support your in-the-moment questions
      with a luscious topping of personalized support in solidifying your business

    All of those ingredients
    combine to make this program a one-of-a-kind offering.

    Register for the August Cohort

    For this exclusive offering, 
    $2200 USD in full

    Payment Plan Option:

    6 monthly payments of $366 starting in August

    Note:  Price does not include Newsletter subscription -OR- your creative cloud subscription for Photoshop + Indesign

    A portion of all tuition will be donated to a combination of environmental organizations
    + organizations that support under-represented genders + youth of color in learning coding and technology


    I believe...

    that when we see our businesses as a sacred space upon which we can show up in devotion
    to the work that we do

    that we are able to be of best + fullest service to our communities



    My promise to you:  

    If you show up for the 2x/month calls
    (or carve out time to watch the replays),
    by the end of this journey you’ll know how to confidently navigate through
    the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business
    and show up for your community within the realm of new offerings with ease.

    There is value in having someone else do the design + systems work for you...(and we can certainly schedule that in for 2018) ...
    but how much value is there is knowing how to make updates and changes on your own (without always needing to hire out or feel stuck)?


    • You wish to empower yourself to be able to manage, change, and add to your own courses + offerings
    • You are able to be devoted to this work for the 6 months that we are gathered together (whether you are watching the replays or attending the live classes).  
    • You know that your web presence is so important - but aren't in the place to have your content + systems fully designed by someone else (+ you love learning anyways)
    • You like to mix the sacred with the practical and are really jazzed at the idea of going through the creation process with ritual and spirit infused into the way you work.


    • You are an aspiring designer - this is specifically for non-designer entrepreneurs who wish to feel confident within their personal graphic design + systems set up.
    • You aren't sure what your business is focused on or what your mission + vision is - this course is for those who are clear in their services and know what their work is in this world
    • You don't have a website yet - or your website is not on Squarespace - Squarespace is my website portal of choice, so all tutorials will be created within this realm.
    • You don't enjoy meditation, reflection, or inner work and just want design created for you - this process is all about translating your inner work and world into an outward expression of you.
    Before this course began, I had a clear understanding of who I am and what gifts I have to offer the world... But I lacked the specific tools to help make my offerings grounded in reality. Elle’s spiritual guidance combined with her practical, hands-on techniques and tips have given me confidence, even more clarity, and a very concrete set of tools to use in service of my business in the world!

    I think this course is perfect for those who have their “why” but desire a more tangible “how.” It is intuition + skill-building, magic + systems. EE is the course that will set you up with every tool you’ll need to bring your business to life.
    Rachel Adams

    Have we met yet?



    I support inspired entrepreneurs in strengthening their intuition and inherent gifts so that they can make decisions in their business from a connected and confident place. 

    Within the realm of Drawing Within Design, I hold space as a spirited designer who combines intuition with art to create unique digital products for your business.

    My work stems from a devotion to my training as an educator, yoga teacher, and energy worker, and a personal practice of integrating tarot,  mythology, meditation, and intuitive development into my every day spiritual exploration.  

    As someone who has began exploring website design in 1997 (that was 20 years ago!), I feel as though all of my passions - creativity, teaching, and spirituality - combine in the perfect way in this medium.

    I have been integrating my own intuitive and spiritual practice within my work since becoming self-employed 7 years ago.  Listening to my intuition along the way has helped me to show up as fully aligned with my life's purpose and guided by my inner vision.

    You can see my intuition expressed visually with my design work, or listen to me talk about business + intuition in the Integrated Spirit Podcast.  

    Photo Jan 24, 1 29 07 PM.jpg

     Illustrated by   Pamela Coleman Smith

    Illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith

    Our guide for this journey:: The Empress

    The Empress is the archetype that has been the guiding force behind the creation of this course.  She's been present for me personally in my work and own personal development for about a year or so, and I am grateful to her energy being present within this offering.

    She shows up as a grounded leader and sacred space holder sovereign in her creativity. 

    I love how she is in a place of deep union with the earth, and really speaks to how the earth is a sacred vessel for the elements of fire (which we can witness in the color of the cushions), water (which we can see behind her), and air (which is represented by the bright yellow sky and wheat field).  We can also witness the element of ether/space within the celestial crown of the Empress, and the presence of the underworld within the pomegranates that grace her dress. 

    She intuitively and wisely weaves everything together from a place of love (just check out  her heart-shaped shield).  She is able to think outside the box, nurturing to her business and to her sacred space in a way that honors her heart, the earth and its inhabitants, and her inner wisdom.  In this way, she is clear on her vision, and approaches her work with a sense of confidence and inspired flow.

    I love that she has this potent ability to show up as a leader in a way that channels a sense of flow and adaptability within her work.  

    This archetype models for us how we can approach our work from a grounded place - and root into a place where as we support our work, our work supports us.

    She reminds us that business and creation can be a spiritual practice and a sacred experience.  


     If not...perhaps you would like to hop on a quick visioning call with me?

    When are the live calls held?

    The live calls are held on the first 2 Tuesdays of each month from 2:30-4:30pm PST / 5:30-7:30 pm EST.  These calls are held on the Zoom platform, which allows us to share screens and see each other on video.

    All calls are recorded for you to reference throughout the course.

    The dates of the live calls will be announced soon

    When are the office hours held?

    Office hours are held weekly in our Facebook group on Thursdays from 10-11am PST / 1-2pm EST.  This is a time for you to ask questions around anything that is coming up for you within your business, or to work on your own projects knowing that I am there to support you if you desire.

    I want to build a graphic design business - is this offering for me?

    Unfortunately, no. I've created this course with the intention of supporting inspired entrepreneurs in building their own material, not for those looking to support other businesses with design. This is a course for coaches, mentors, yoga teachers, visual artists, jewellery makers, tarot readers, photographers, energy workers, activists, authors, ballet dancers, hula hoopers, gluten free cookie bakers, etc.

    I don't have a website yet - can I still participate?

    This offering was designed for those who already have a website built on the Squarespace platform. 

    How do I access Photoshop + Indesign?

    You will be purchasing your own subscription for these programs through Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription plan.  We can connect with the easiest way to do that if you'd like support.

    how do I schedule my 1:1 cals with you?

    You'll be able to schedule your calls upon registering for the journey.  You can schedule all of your 1:1 calls in advance, or month-to-month.  We'll meet for a total of 6 calls, one call for each month of our journey together in this program.

    do you have a refund policy?

    Yes I do - you can learn about the policy here.