This 7-day free challenge begins on April 10th

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Dear one,

It is with great joy that I welcome you to Indigo Insight.  This is my second year running this intuitive activation series.  After the potent downloads and insights that came forth for participants last year, I knew that I had to run this program again.  I am so delighted to have you here.

Perhaps you have never worked with the third eye chakra before, but desire to feel a connection to this sacred energetic space.

Maybe you have been working with your intuitive center for years, but wish to further explore your psychic abilities, because you know there is always further to go.

No matter how connected or disconnected you feel from your Third Eye Chakra, I know you will uncover great insights during this series.

In this 7 day activation, you will:

  • Become more aware of the energy in your Third Eye Chakra
  • Feel a stronger connection to your intuitive self
  • Sense a deeper awareness of your intuition
  • Learn new spiritual practices
  • Embark on a path of discovering your spiritual self
  • Be surrounded and supported by a group of spirited individuals who are participating in this challenge with you

Facebook Group:

I invite you to join us in Sacred Sangha, a private Facebook group where we will be diving into each day's activities as a collective.

You'll receive the first email in this series on April 10th!

Oh, and...there will be prizes!

To be entered in to win the prizes:

  • take a photograph of yourself participating in the challenge in some way daily.  
  • post this photograph on either Facebook or Instagram. 
  • you need to BOTH use the tag #indigoinsight AND tag me (on facebook, tag Drawing Within; on IG, tag @shedrawswithin)

There will be three prizes given out in this challenge:

  1. The Grand Prize recipient will be gifted a spot in The Wisdom Within School of Intuition, which starts on May 4th (a $777 value)
  2. One participant will be gifted a spot in my newly re-modeled The Tarot Within, an on-going course (a $97 value)
  3. Another participant will be gifted ALIGNED, my crystal mediation album (a $25 value)

(a love note:  prizes are not exchangeable for other items or for their cash value.  Prizes can be transferred to another person if you feel like it is not right for you, but you may not pick another prize if that is the case)

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At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”
— Alan Alda