Episode [3]: Claiming your deepest Truths with Layla Saad


In this episode I interview word witch, wild mystic, and truth-telling mentor Layla Saad.  

I invite you to tune in to a conversation full of powerful insights, magical transmissions, and inspiring reflections that Layla shares with us.  

In this episode, Layla + I explore:

  • The way that Layla connects to her intuition within her business
  • The importance of inquiry and compassion within entrepreneurship 
  • Layla's journey from the corporate world to running a spiritual business that allows her to show up as a wild mystic woman
  • What it looks like to approach business as a spiritual practice while embracing the mystery
  • Finding your deepest truths
  • The power of practice over perfection
  • What it looks like to journey into the underworld with your business and releasing what no longer serves you so that you can rise up reborn
  • The meaning of Lapis Lazuli within Layla's work

Layla has generously offered to gift a 3-month membership in Sovereign Sisterhood to one woman who shares the link to this podcast episode on social media and tags both Layla and myself by Friday, June 16th.  

To win:  Tag Layla at @wildmysticwoman and myself at @shedrawswithin on Instagram and link to www.integratedspiritpodcast.com to enter to win.  You may share any image within these show notes to accompany your post.

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Episode Crystal:  Lapis Lazuli


About Layla Saad:

Find Layla here: Website | Sovereign Sisterhood | Instagram

Layla Saad is a writer & mentor for spiritual women doing sacred work. 

Through her writings, programs and podcast, she helps women to explore, speak, write and live their truth. Layla's work explores womanhood, spirituality, creativity, business, leadership, sacred activism and how we can live & lead as the most powerful expression of our truest selves.

Layla is a soulful and fierce truth-teller and a sister to women who are on the spiritual journey of coming back home to themselves. She describes herself as a self-initiated Word Witch and a Priestess of Truth. Layla is currently writing her first book - 'Wild Mystic Woman: Soul Medicine Words for Women Awakening Through the Divine Feminine'.

Layla is also a poet, a speaker, a trained life coach, a certified health coach and a Reiki I energy healer. She lives in Doha, Qatar with her husband and two children.


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