Episode [6]: Transforming your Refusal of the Call into a soul-filled YES

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When I see a common idea or concept showing up for  me time and time again, I know that I need to pause and see what the message and wisdom within that topic is for me.

In my work and personal life, Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey outline has been knocking on the door of my awareness in a variety of ways.  When I looked for where the message within his journey outline was for me, I saw the key to unlock my own personal message was within the idea of the Refusal of the Call.

In Campbell's outline, the Refusal of the Call comes towards the  beginning of the story cycle and is not something that everyone goes through in myth - however I have been seen this come up for me many times in my life.  In this podcast episode, I share how I am creating a shift in how I have, in the past, not fully answered the call to show up as a Spiritual Activist within my work.

A note:
I want to note that for me personally, there are some points within Joseph Campbell's journey exploration that don't resonate with me at all.  I do not agree with the "lesser-than" lens through which he views native cultures, for example, or the way in which his journey highlights the actions in the male journey while not really showcasing the role of women in a positive way.  However, as you can see within this podcast, there was still a message within this work for me.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • How fear or perfectionism can halt us from saying "yes" to an inner call to action, and offer two quotes that can inspire us to release that fear and take the first step forward towards the calling of our spirit
  • My own short-comings in hesitating at the call to action, and my desire to fully show up
  • Resources that may inspire and support you in saying yes to the call to activism within your own work
  • How the refusal of the call has come up for me within my own spiritual practice
  • The way we can say "yes" to the call, showing up in our own unique way, with our own unique tools, gifts, and skills
  • The way The Fool within the Tarot has been working with me as I dive into a place of inquiry around how I have been showing up and how I desire to show up in the present and the future.

Tarot for Justice: 

I am holding a limited time event where I shall be donating 100% of all proceeds from Tarot Readings to the ACLU.  This will be available until 11:59pm on Saturday, August 26th.

The readings will be delivered via pre-recorded video - each reading will  be uniquely for you.  Please note that this reading is not on a live video, but a video that will be sent to you upon completion of your reading.  Your video link will be private and stored on vimeo.

Suggested donation is $50 for a 3 card reading. Minimum donation $50 The length of your reading and the amount of cards I pull for you will vary.

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Resources + Links
mentioned + quoted within this episode:

Resources for Social Justice + Taking a Stand Against Racism within your Work:

This Episode's Tarot Card:  The Fool

 Cards shown here (L-R): the Rider-Waite Deck illustrated by Pamela Coleman-Smith, the Dark Days Tarot illustrated by Wren McMurdo, and the Wild Unknown Deck illustrated by Kim Krans.

Cards shown here (L-R): the Rider-Waite Deck illustrated by Pamela Coleman-Smith, the Dark Days Tarot illustrated by Wren McMurdo, and the Wild Unknown Deck illustrated by Kim Krans.


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