You're looking for affirmation. You're ready for clarity. You yearn to have a bit of insight. You desire to feel empowered. You want to be encouraged on your path.

& that's why I created this offering for you.

One day I stopped compartmentalizing my skills.

Let me explain:  I am a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified yoga teacher, a tarot card reader, a crystal & stone lover, a meditation teacher, an artist, and an all-around-intuitive gal. 

So sometimes, I just know things.

Then, something shifted in the way I do distance healings for others.  I was offering Reiki to a group of women, and something different started happening:

I couldn't stick to just doing Reiki with them.

I was getting spot-on messages for them, phrases and whole sentences.  I was sensing stones that would help them along their journey.  Meditations to help them feel the way they wanted to feel.  A tarot card reading to help answer some questions.  A drawing that meant something to them.

All of that, ALONG with the distance Reiki.

& it just felt so...RIGHT.

This is for you if you're looking to move forward with the healing process.  If you're working with something, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  This is for you if you want specific information on what to do next, in whichever area of life it may be.

This is for you if you're looking for a different approach.

Here's what you'll get:  either 30 or 60 minutes of my undivided energetic attention.  I'll connect with you via distance healing (which is a pretty amazing thing in itself).

& then I'll let my intuition guide me to just what you need.

You'll get a personalized PDF file with what came up for you in your reading, along with any relevant photographs and instructions. 

You're going to love how you feel after our session is complete -- the #1 comment I hear from my clients is how clear and relaxed they feel afterwards.

& you'll be surprised and delighted with your results after implementing the advice you receive in your session.

Oh for the results?  Here's what a few people have to say:

"Thank you SO much for such a wonderful reading. I loved all the details you wove in; there is so much more to your offering than any Reiki session I’ve had in the past! So much goodness to digest and absorb - I’m sure I’ll be referring to your PDF quite a few times in the coming days and weeks. Your insights were right on. I think my favorite part is your intuitive reading at the end... The words and images that appeared for you felt very powerful in my heart; very moving. You have a gift, foxy one! I feel your love and passion -  it comes through LOUD and CLEAR." -Emelie Archer Pickett of Forbidden Life

My healing session with Elle was akin to the feeling you get when you arrive home after a long trip. Warm, comforting and yet decidedly refreshing. All of Elle's suggestions were incredibly relevant to my current life situation and I felt that she connected with my energy in an authentic and meaningful way. Elle was called to draw some tarot cards for me too, and these resonated with me very deeply. I was happily surprised by Elle's intuition and would eagerly recommend her to my friends and family. Thanks once again!  -Cassandra Lane, owner Wild Spirit Co. and Editor Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine

"If you want to try an Intuitive Reiki Healing Session, try it with Elle because she is the real deal. Her intuition is NOT generic and half-true. Quite the opposite: she provides real insight, makes a very real connection, and possesses the unique ability to immerse herself in the energies of her clients and the currents of their lives to help them find meaning and direction. She's willing to share aspects that arise during the sessions that she may not even yet fully understand. But sometimes these are the very elements that immediately provide an "a-ha!" for the client. In this way, she allows the client to be a partner in the process. If you are curious about exploring the potential benefits of energy work and/or intuitive reading, take it from someone who has experienced her services: you have come to the right place." -Abby

"Elle is an extremely gifted and intuitive energy healer.  She performed distance Reiki on me for my last two marathons, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. I could feel her working throughout my race, and I credit Elle for helping me achieve personal records in both races.  Elle also went above and beyond by helping me heal post-race.  Her gift is rare and genuine.  I would encourage anyone to work with her; athlete or not." -Terry

"I love receiving the short report Elle puts together from the ‘downloads’ that occur during the reiki session. They’re full of resonant imagery, suggestions of medicine animals and crystals to support me on my way, as well practical suggestions of actions I can do for myself. So good! A photo of the tarot spread drawn during reiki and a to-the-point explanation of the messages held within adds another layer of richness to the experience. I come away from a treatment with Elle feeling not only balanced, clear and grounded, but also excited to incorporate the new tools I’ve learned about in the next leg of my journey." -Ivy

Why work with me?  Well, what I am offering is unique, true to me and oh-so-helpful to you.  I am here to connect and be of service.  How can I help YOU?

Pricing:  30 minute session:  $55 / 60 minute session: $97

Once you commit, you'll be directed to answer some questions.  Be honest in your answers, but feel free to skip questions that don't pertain to your situation.

60 minute Intuitive Reiki Session
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Click.  Connect.  Shift.  I'm so excited to work with you!