You're curious about crystal medicine but are not sure where to start. 


Are you ready to get crystal clear?

The back story:  I have always collected stones.  I still have a rock from a beach I visited when I was four years old.  I remember very clearly picking up this rock and knowing it was special.  As time went on I moved on to a rock collection that lined the shelves of my playhouse.  In my early teens, I discovered the healing properties of crystals and stones...and I've been fascinated by them ever since.

My first healing stones were a pretty rose quartz and a shining amethyst.

Since then, I have been researching. Collecting.  Discovering.  Unearthing.  Tuning in to the energy that each stone possesses.

The cool part: When I started offering Reiki distance sessions, something started to happen.

stones were coming to me.

Untitled design(28).png

Even before I knew the details of a person's needs, stones would pop into my head.  Stones just for them.  Sometimes it was a stone I hadn't remembered hearing about.  But every.single.time., the stone seemed to resonate with my client.  "Yes!" they'd say.  "I NEED to work with that stone! It's perfect for me."

So here is my offering for you:

Something to work with.  Something to unearth hidden parts of your highest self, your shadow self, your truest self.  Something to help you heal, on all levels.

Here's how it works:  We'll connect.  I'll intuit what stones are calling to you.  You'll get a PDF stone guide with 2-4 stones, some rad artwork, and information with how to work with crystal medicine. I'll give the stones some space to chat with you and share their affirmations with you.

I'm making this service a sliding scale because I want it to be accessible to everyone.  I know you'll be honest with what you can offer as an exchange. 

Once you commit to digging in with me, you'll be prompted to fill out a questionnaire.  Fill it out, & you'llhear from me within 48 hours with your digital package.

You might be delighted by the healing properties and capacities of stones.  You might be surprised by which stones I intuit you need.  You might learn something.

So, let's dig deep and get our hands dirty.  Are you ready?


Why work with crystals & stones?

As an energy healer, I can literally feel the differences in energies buzzing from stones and crystals.  Sometimes the energy works directly with a part of my body.  Sometimes it's almost as though each crystal has its own personality.  Sometimes I get hit with a general emotion or idea when I pick up a crystal for the first time.  What's amazing about crystals is that each one has a different frequency, a different vibration.  These vibrations are like songs almost...a song for a different healing purpose.  Let's roll on that song metaphor:  Some crystals have protective songs.  Some sing love songs.  Some songs put you into a focused trance.  Some songs heal grief, anger, or depression.  Energy healers, shamans, and medicine people have been listening to these songs and feeling these vibrations since the times of the ancient Egyptians.  These songs speak to me and surround me.  When you answer the questions after adding Crystal Clarity to your cart, I know what songs you need to hear.  The stones speak to me, and I will share that information with you.