Join Elle North for a FREE 10-day experience of inquiry and reflection
around the suit of Pentacles in the Tarot
and the wisdom it holds for entrepreneurs within their business.

We begin Monday September 4th

Do you love the Tarot - or do you yearn to learn more about this tool for soul-seekers?

Do you feel ungrounded - within your life or your work - and know that you should work with the element of earth, but aren't sure how?

Are you looking to dive into a place of reflection within your business and the work that you do?

Do you wish to cultivate a business that not only nourishes you, but your clients as well?

if're going to love this free offering...

 Illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith

Illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith

The Suit of Pentacles

ground into nourishment within your career
Find the sacred within the Mundane

One thing I know for certain is that the Tarot offers so much insight, support, and clarity for me within my work and how I run my business.

After being called to work deeply with the suit of Pentacles over a year ago, I have found the wisdom of these cards in particular to serve as portals into reflection and expansion within my work.

The suit of Pentacles can illuminate for us:

  • the importance of being grounded
  • the nourishing quality of the element of earth
  • the essence of the sacred within the mundane
  • our own inherent value + the value of the work that we do
  • insight around our work, career, and the way we show up in service
  • an expansion of our idea of abundance

The suit of Pentacles shows us that our work is not separate from our spiritual experience; but instead, it is an integral part of it.

We ground ourselves not just in our work, but in a love for the world around us.
— Rachel Pollack

I invite you to join me on an intuitive exploration
of how the suit of Pentacles can help you to ground into your business

In this 10-day series, you will receive:

  • Daily videos, each exploring a specific card within the suit of Pentacles 
  • A reflection question so that you can dive into communion with each card and weave the wisdom you receive into your business

We begin Monday, September 4th

Meet Your Guide:


I support inspired entrepreneurs in strengthening their intuition and inherent gifts so that they can make decisions in their business from a connected and confident place. 

My work stems from a devotion to my training as an educator, yoga teacher, and energy worker, and a personal practice of integrating tarot,  mythology, meditation, and intuitive development into my every day spiritual exploration.  I believe that everyone is intuitive, and our inner wisdom can be uncovered through committed practice and play.

I have been integrating my own intuitive and spiritual practice within my work since becoming self-employed 7 years ago.  Listening to my intuition along the way has helped me to show up as fully aligned with my life's purpose and guided by my inner vision.

You can see my intuition expressed visually with my design work, or listen to me talk about business + intuition in the Integrated Spirit Podcast.  I also teach magic makers to uncover their inherent intuition in my Wisdom Within School of Intuition.

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