Are you ready to discover the Spirit Within your business? 

It's time to finally connect to your intuitive self as an entrepreneur
in a sustainable, dedicated, consistent practice.

Let’s work together to infuse your inherent wisdom within your luscious work.

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Dear one,

Let's time travel in your sense of cosmic vision to a point 6 months into the future, after we have played together, following the path of your unique business spirit map.  

You wake up feeling well-rested and spend some time writing down a vivid dream that you had, for you know it has some cosmic messages to deliver to you in relation to a new project that you are working on.  With candles and incense lit, you then sit down in front of your altar, working with yogic breath, mudras, and personalized meditations designed to help you to tune into your own energetic field.  You open up a sacred text on your altar and read for a few minutes before getting ready for your day.

As an entrepreneur, you know that when you sprinkle elements of the sacred throughout your day, you feel more aligned with your true self and feel more fulfilled within your work.

You dive into your meditation space before working with clients, pull an oracle card to inspire you to write a newsletter, and hold a crystal in your hand as you plan out your next launch. You understand how to practice energy healing on both yourself and your business when you are feeling frustrated or anxious.  

You understand that when you connect to your intuition and inherent gifts, that you are able to make decisions within your business from a place of deep inner knowing.  You finally trust yourself.  You know how to call in what you need to create a shift at any moment in your day.  No matter what you do during the day, you do it with the wisdom that you are an embodiment of the divine.  

When your work day is complete, you spend some time in reflection, honoring the phase of the Moon, and celebrating all that you have brought into your life with gratitude.  Every cell of your being radiates pure bliss, because you have connected with your true self.   You are able to use your spiritual wisdom to nurture your business and to show up in your true and perfect nature. 


You have a meaningful practice that survives no matter what your full schedule as an entrepreneur brings forth.  

You are devoted to your intuition and because of this, you show up within your work with the confidence that you are living your life's purpose.

You are connected with the essence of the cosmic energy within yourself and within all things, and you feel like you have a personal relationship with your understanding of the divine.  

Your inner guidance is totally crystal clear, and you know that you can turn to it at any time.

I know this version of your reality is within your reach.  

You can expand your business and your spiritual practice simultaneously.

Let me show you how.


Dear Spirited Seeker,
I see you.

You've always known that there was more to life and the energy of your business than what meets the eye.  There is an essence of magic within your business that you desire to connect with...a mixture of alchemy, ritual, and connection...but you're unsure of how to tap into these energies within yourself and your work.

Right now you're feeling lost and disconnected. You're tired of the hustle, working long hours, and missing out on free time with family and friends.  You desire to find more time so that you can carve out space to really listen to your inner wisdom. You know that your sacred self is there, somewhere...but you're not sure how to uncover her, how to feed her what she desires, how to nourish her holy being.

You've been seeking and searching for something to consistently connect with so that you can show up fully within your work - something to light up your soul on a daily basis, something to remind you of your inner divinity in all moments.  You know that you would feel at home in your work if you were to fully honor your spirit and the unique services you provide within your business.  But you're unsure as to where to start.

And you feel a consistent, deep, and dedicated practice all within your reach...if you could just have some guidance and support, your business would unfold and flourish in the most radiant of ways.

It's time to awaken the intuitive mystic Leader within you

Working with Elle North has been my best decision both for myself as a Spiritual being, artist, and solo-preneur. She is dedicated to helping as best as she can, and will always listen to me with a degree of love that I did not think was possible. I am now more aware of the being I am, of the possibilities ahead of me, and am equipped with new tools and a new way of seeing my sacred Self.
— Nolwenn Petitbois
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How I work:

I'm guided strongly by my intuition and the archetypes of the Tarot.  

As someone who has been self-employed for 8 years, I found that the more I connected with my inner wisdom and explored the energetic qualities of my business, the more flow, stability, and abundance I found within my work.

As someone who has been a teacher for over 13 years, I know how to create a soulful and intuitive program that takes your unique needs into consideration.

I like to think outside the box and get creative. I believe in breaking the rules and ignoring how things "should" be done to honor what resonates most with me and my clients. 

In our sessions, I will connect with the energy, desires, and your spiritual needs of you AND your business to intuitively bring you towards a deep sacred inner connection.  You will begin to be guided by your inner wisdom and feel confident as you walk along your path as an entrepreneur. You'll learn daily, weekly, and monthly practices to help you connect to the essence of your work.

I have used these practices within my own businesses and have had such amazing results.  Now it's time to share these tools and techniques with you.

When we work together, we will sit in ceremony and work with unique rituals tailored to your specific sacred intentions.  I will draw upon my experience with the archetypes of the tarot and the power of myth to help you to find a connection with the divinity that dwells within the core of your being.  From this place, we'll pour that energy into whatever intention you're holding for the important work that you do.  Whether that is coming up with an action plan, creating a new offering, or navigating through an obstacle - I firmly believe that our spiritual practice can support us with all the visions you have within your business.

This isn't business coaching -

this is intuitive mentoring
for the essence of your business.

My Background

  • Student of the Goddess + Myth for 10+ years

  • Creatrix of Ceremony + Ritual

  • Intuitive Graphic Designer for Spirited Entrepreneurs

  • Background in Education

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Sacred Space Holder

  • Lineage Explorer

  • Tarot Reader + Teacher

In short, I am an intuitive mystic with a strong passion for guiding entrepreneurs forward on their path
to a deep sacred inner connection with their intuitive and divine selves and their businesses.

I found The Spirit Within really beneficial for me and my personal Spiritual Journey.
It is Elle’s personalized offering that sets her apart as she is the total package and honors your journey. Elle serves as your support/companion/guide. Through book discussions, yoga practice, personal meditations and journey work, tarot & journaling exercises, Elle has truly served as my guide. Elle is my not-so-secret-weapon in living my best life. I know Elle has made a huge impact in my spiritual practice and my every day, and it has allowed for major shifts in my life. I am opening up to a life I could not have even imagined without Elle.
— Jennifer Everitt

It's time to be fully devoted to your intuitive spiritual wisdom.


 A six month program

What's included in this package:

  • A Spiritual Visioning Intake Form - designed to help you get crystal clear about your goals so that we can work together in the best way possible

  • One 90-minute Spirit Session call per month, where I take you through my unique approach to helping you create divine connection within your sacred self and your business. We'll dive in intuitively, and use ritual, tarot, energy healing, yogic techniques, and other practices to guide you forward on your journey.

  • Recordings of all of our sessions, so that you can go back for extra clarity and reminders.

  • A Marco Polo check-in 14 days after each session, so that you can let me know what is unfolding for you and ask me any questions that you have.

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Your investment:

$2000 OR $350/month via payment plan


My mentorship and journey work with Elle has been a divine invitation to connect with my intuition, my life force, my very essence! She invited me to use practices towards uncovering my creativity, releasing what is no longer in alignment, and curating offerings that serve my purpose. Elle beautifully infuses the magical with the practical into ways that are useful and valuable for your unique identity. Her guidance is so nurturing as well as amazing- it takes you to the next level you dreamed of and beyond.
— Dawna Matthews

Topics we can explore and unravel together:

  • Intuitive Development

  • Goddess Energy + Mythology

  • Exploring your own lineage and its practices

  • Graphic Design + Systems

  • Energy Centers within your body

  • Grounding and Clearing

  • Crystals + other gifts from the earth

  • Seasonal and lunar cycles + rituals

  • Tarot Reading + Archetypes

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Personalized Rituals + Ceremonies

  • Uncovering your innate gifts

  • Intention Setting

  • Creating space for the sacred within your life

  • Mindset shifts

  • Showing up as a Mystic Intuitive Leader

Is the Spirit Within Mentoring Program right for you?

Love, you may have a few questions that would soothe your soul to have answered before we hop on a call together.

What kind of entrepreneurs get the best results working with you?

I work with entrepreneurs who are totally lit up by all things spiritual and who have a strong desire to develop a committed spiritual practice.  This is for leaders who desire to infuse mysticism, intuition, and spiritual practices into how they show up as business owners. I tend to work with all humans who identify as women or are women-of-center, and I especially thrive working with individuals who are curious around areas of social justice and infusing their own lineage and ancestry into their spiritual practices. 

Those who work with me are tired of the hustle and desire to tune into their intuition to show them the next steps to the expansion and growth of their business. Those who get the best results are curious soul seekers who are passionate about deepening their awareness and connection to the divine, and are ready to set the time aside to create space for that deepening to occur.  They see their business as a reflection of themselves and understand that their  business has its own unique energy that they can connect with.  This program is for those who desire to surround themselves in the sacred, and are devoted to this path.  If thinking about expanding your intuition, connecting with the sacred stories of myth, immersing yourself in ritual and ceremony, and having support along the way makes your energetic body sparkle with star dust, then love, you are in the right place.

How do I know if I am ready to work with you?

If you are ready to work with me, you feel a calling deep within the core of your being and you know that you have the space to fully show up within our work together. You are totally devoted to fully showing up and doing the work.  You know that this journey may not  be easy - but you are clear in your intention and you hold a vision for the work that you do.

What can I expect?

When we work together, you can expect a deep exploration of the spiritual practices that will light you up and help you to embrace the sacred within your business.  

When we begin our work together, I will create a customised Spirit Map for you to plan out your journey based on your desires and goals.  You'll receive a personalized PDF of your unique map so that you can hold your action plan dear and remain on track for your journey.

When we meet once a month, we will check in with the energetics of you and your business and then we may dive into a ceremony, ritual, or guided meditation designed just for you, or we may explore a spiritual topic together, such as intuition, Tarot, or a specific myth. Each of the calls are recorded so that you may reference them at any time.  Before and after each of our live calls, you will reflect upon your desires and set an intention to carry out your goals so that you are set up for expansion both during our calls and afterwards.

Between our calls, I offer energetic support in the form of supporting your brainstorming, offering feedback on any work that you have completed, a customised meditation, reflection questions, a Tarot reading, or other support that would benefit you.  We also will check in via email between our sessions, where you can ask me any questions that have manifested for you.

How is The Spirit Within different from your other offerings?

The Spirit Within is a unique offering where we get to play in the sacred realm one-on-one.  That means that I will be guiding you forward on your unique path in a way that is extremely customised.  Because of this customisation, this support is on a much higher level than you would receive in a group program.

How do we get started working together?

Let's connect to see if we are a good fit for each other.  Click here to apply for a Visioning Call.