The Tarot Within - Day 32 - Open & Release::The 7 & 8 of Cups

Take a few deep and full breaths.  Focus on your exhale, your release. Is there anything that you're carrying with you in this moment that does not serve you?  Let it go, let it go, let it go.

When you are ready, pull the 7  and 8 of cups from your deck.  Jot down your first impressions.  What do you notice?  What symbols are in these cards?  What do they have to say about the card's meaning?  Do these cards say any words of advice to you?

Let's look a little more closely at the 7.  Different decks will show different images peeping out of the cups (or, in the case of The Wild Unknown, no symbols are apparent).  In the Herbal Tarot we see a dragon (strength, righteousness, fire), a heart (love), a crown of laurel (victory), a castle (abundance and security), jewels (riches and wealth), a mask (the theatre of life), and a snake (temptation).  It's a pretty mixed bag.  These cups are floating in the clouds.  What might the clouds symbolize?  Take note of what you see in the cups of your deck.  What significance do these images have?

Look a little more closely at the 8.  In the Wild Unknown, all of the cups are broken.  In the Herbal Tarot, we see a dark ship sailing away.  In the Aquarian Tarot, we see a cloaked figure who looks saddened and distraught.  Both the ship and the man appear to be leaving. Has someone in the Wild Unknown already left? All cards have mountains or a hilly spot of land -- what might this signify? 

Traditionally, the 7 of Cups works with daydreaming, visions, fantasy, illusion, and honoring your needs. With this card, anything is possible.  The clouds work with thoughts and hint at the power of the mind. This card says "I am open to big dreams." 

The 8 of Cups works with disappointment, leaving, walking away from a situation.  Even if a situation seems good, it seems time to move on.  This card's mantra is "I release that which does not serve me."

Drawing on the 7 of Cups, let's work on some Future Scripting in your journal.

Future scripting works with the idea of the power of the mind to help us manifest our dreams.  Here's how you do it:

Picture where you dream of being 1 year (1 month, 6 months...any time frame works) from now.  What if nothing held you back?  What if anything was possible?  Who would you be?  Where would you be?  What would you be doing on a given day?  What will you have released?  What will you have invoked?  No dream is too big.  Map it all out and take however long you need. 

Sometimes these can be very powerful.  What date does this script reflect?  Figure out a way (write it in your day planner, perhaps) to go back to this journal entry on that date.  You might surprise yourself with what has come to fruition.