The Tarot Within - Day 46 - Reward::The 7 & 8 of Pentacles

Today we will work with the Seven and Eight of Pentacles.  Take these cards out of your deck and write down your first impression.  If there are characters on your card, what do their expressions tell you?  What is being done in the card? 

Let's focus on the Seven.  Notice how in all three decks show the Pentacles sort of stacking on top of each other.  If you look at the Herbal Tarot card, it looks like the character has just been working hard and can see his reward piling up.  He has been tiling the soil -- this prepares the Earth for new things.  He is resting in a satisfied way, with the knowledge that he still has more work to do.  What does the image in your card tell you?

Let's look a bit closer at the Eight.  You can see work being done in all three of the cards above -- the top card shows a man with a mallet, the bottom left card show a man planting, and the card on the right shows a spider weaving her web.  Spiders are symbolic of hard work, patience, and weaving one's own future.  In the Herbal Tarot deck, Ginger is paired with this card.  Ginger is a root, so it is connected with the earth.  It is also a stimulant - it helps to improve circulation and digestion.  What might this say about the card?  What do you see in your card?

Traditionally, the Seven of Pentacles symbolizes hard work, determination, and seeing the reward and value in the work.  Things are paying off in a satisfying manner.  The mantra for this card is "I know I will be rewarded for my efforts."

The Eight of Pentacles works with learning new skills to help increase one's production and abundance.  The goal is almost accomplished.  This is a card for creatives and artists and those who work with their hands.  It shows that the querent needs to be willing to do the work and learning necessary to find success.  The mantra for this card is "I am open to learning new things."

Go back to the list of goals that you wanted to accomplish that you wrote two weeks ago.  How is that list going?  Dedicate 10-20 minutes today to hard and focused work towards your goal.  Perhaps use this time for research and learning.