The Tarot Within - Day 47 - Abundance:: The 9 & 10 of Pentacles

Today we will work with the Nine and Ten of Pentacles.  Take these cards out of your deck and notice what symbols you can find.  What energy radiates from each of your cards?  What do you think these cards mean?

Take a closer look at the Nine.  In the Herbal Tarot Deck, you can see a woman harvesting grapes with an abundance of pentacles in her lap.  There is an apparent abundant harvest from the earth here.  The Aquarian Tarot shows some grapes in the background and a bird on a man's shoulder.  The bird echoes the feathers that surround the Pentacles in the Wild Unknown deck.  Feathers and birds are symbolic of freedom, lightness, and rising up and above.  The bird and feathers also hint at spirituality and wisdom.  What does this information tell you about this card? How does this card make you feel?

Let's switch gears to the Ten of Pentacles. The Aquarian Tarot is most in-line with the traditional depiction of this deck, where a family is gathered with a castle in the background.  It is almost as through the castle is in their path and they are moving towards it.  In the Wild Unknown, notice how there are nine large pentacles and one small one in the center of the middle star.  I see a huge spiral of energy when I look at this card.  What do you see in your card?

Traditionally, the Nine of Pentacles works with gratitude for abundance and wealth, success in all ways, self-reliance, and an awareness of the positive in life.  The mantra for this card is "I am grateful for the abundance I already have."

The Ten of Pentacles speaks of walth, security, abundance all around, comfort, and not seeing all that one already has.  Its mantra is "I am aware of the abundance in my every day life."

What is abundant in your life right now?  What are you thankful for?  Write a gratitude list for what you have in your life in this moment.  Share a bit of your list in the facebook group if you feel called to.