The Tarot Within - Day 51::Life Path Reading

Life path readings are an incredibly insightful and useful tool to help you get moving and grooving towards what you want out of life.  They're a gentle nudge forward in the right direction.  They have proven to be invaluable to me and the choices I make in many aspects of life. Tarot is a great tool for remembering and realizing things about yourself that you already knew, deep in the core of your being.  They bring you to your inner essence.

A special note:  I am not completely sure how I came up with this reading.  I started working with it this year, but when doing a google search on it, it seems as though nobody does Life Path readings in this way.  It is a sacred template for me and I hope it resonates with you.

Life Path Template.jpg

Find a sacred space, light some sage or a candle.  Make an intention to connect to your intuition.  Calm the mind and relax the body. Then, shuffle the cards.  When you feel ready, pick cards and form the pattern that you see below.  I like to shuffle the deck after I pick each card, but do what feels best to you.

Card 1::Your current situation and desires.  This card shows you in the present moment.  It is indicative of where you stand and what you are looking to achieve and accomplish.  Take a close look at the images in this card.  How do you relate to them?  What does this card tell you about yourself that you might not have realized until now?  What emotions does this card bring up for you?

Cards 2-4::Your action plan.  These three cards are your call, your to-do list.  Take a careful look at each one.  What is happening in each card?  What lessons are being learned?  What is the main message of each card?  The most important thing to gather from these three cards is: how can I apply the lessons of these cards into my life right now?  Take some time to reflect.  What if you took the advice of the cards?  How would things shift for you? 

Card 5::Your final outcome.  This card is usually your final outcome if you complete the 3 actions that you gathered from your plan of action.  What does this card say to you?  Is it who you want to become, or does it ask you to re-evaluate your goals?  What about this card brings you joy?  How can you integrate the energy of this card into your life in this moment?

Give yourself a Life Path reading.  What is in store for you?  Share what you like in the Facebook group.  Perhaps volunteer to give someone in the group a reading and see what comes up.