The Tarot Within - Day 52 - Celtic Cross

One of the most popular readings you'll see when learning the Tarot is the Celtic Cross.  This 10-card spread is fantastic for getting the big picture of a situation. 

Above is an outline and the layout for this spread.  Let's dive a bit deeper into each of the card's meanings.

1:: Present Position - This card usually signifies the person asking the question.  It gives an indication as to what the person's current situation is in this moment, and usually is indicative of the question asked.

2:: Immediate Influence - It is said that this is the card that crosses the questioner -- it is the situation's what's most pressing in the moment (it's sort of pressing on the questioner card)

3:: Goal - As this card is above the Present Position card, I like to think of this as what is on the questioner's mind.  What is the best that she can hope for?  What does she want the outcome of this reading to be? 

4:: Foundation - This position makes sense, as it lies underneath the Present Position card.  The foundation is the distant past, or all of the events that lead up to this moment.  It shows a long influence.

5:: Recent Past - As this card is to the left of the Present Position card, it symbolizes her recent past.  This event has influenced the current event that is happening in this moment. 

6:: Future Influence - As this card is to the right of the Present Position, it symbolizes her future.  It shows what is to come if things continue in this way.

7:: Questioner - This card looks back at the Questioner again, with more detail.  It may hint at her present perspective to the situation.

8:: Surrounding Factors - This card shows how the questioner is influence by what surrounds her -- other people, her living situation, her environment, where she works, etc.  This card may show a person who is influencing the situation.

9:: Emotions - This card highlights emotions, either hidden or obvious, of the questioner in regards to her current situation

10:: Final Results - This card hints at the future if the questioner does not act on changing anything in her current situation

This is a complex reading, and allows for a lot of leeway in your interpretation of the cards.

The best way to become familiar with this reading is to practice it!

Spend some time today working with this reading.  Try to do the reading for yourself a couple of times, and perhaps ask someone on the Facebook group to trade readings with you.  Enjoy and have fun -- remember that it IS supposed to be fun!