Tarot Within - Day 53 - The Year Ahead

Today's layout is a reading that I like to do at the beginning of every season:  A Circle Reading.  To do this reading, shuffle your deck and pull 12 cards (I like to shuffle between each card).  Place them in a circle shape, with the card for the current month (month 1) at the top of the circle.  Each card gives you an indication for what to look for in each month.  I like to write these readings down to look at from time to time to help guide me forward.

When you pull the cards for this reading, you may have a particular long-term goal in mind.  For example, you may ask: "What's in store for me this year at my job?" "Show me what I need to know this year about love," etc., or you may just want to do a general year-long reading. 

Here is a graphic depicting this spread:

Today I'd like you to look into the year ahead.  Conduct this reading for yourself, and perhaps for someone else in the Facebook group.  Feel free to share your reading in the group, if you like!