The Tarot Within - Day 54 - Create your Own Reading

As you probably have gathered  by now, I like to do things my own way. That goes not only with interpreting Tarot cards, but also with Tarot readings and layouts.

When I am reading the cards for myself, more often than not I am developing my own reading as I go along. 

I might modify a reading I know well, or I might think about my current situation and the questions I have to ask.

When developing a reading, don't get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.  Instead, break it down step by step.

1.  What is your main goal for the reading?

2.  What information would be valuable to you?  Perhaps write in your journal for a bit on this.  What questions do you have?

3.  Decide how many questions you want to incorporate into the reading.  Remember the guidelines for asking questions of the Tarot that we learned in week one.  If you are looking for "yes" or "no" answers from your questions, think about how you can rephrase them. 

4.  Pull a card for each question.  It might make sense to you to arrange the cards in a certain way, but a pattern to the layout is not necessary.

5.  Take notes.  What does your reading say to you?

6.  Don't worry too much about things.  You can do as many layouts as you like -- having fun is the important part here. 

P.S. Before finishing this week of the course, I recommend going back to Week One and reviewing what we covered.  It's all a cycle, it all flows.

In how many other situations can you conduct the reading you did above?  If it was a very specific reading, try to create a general one.  If your reading could be applied to other situations, volunteer in the facebook group to use the same layout for someone else.  Have fun!