The Tarot Within - Day 55 - How Cards Interact

When you do a reading, it is important to notice the general tone of the reading.  For example, remember the story I told you about The Tower card:  I was getting my cards read by a Tarot reader, and the spread was clearly pointing towards me finding a happy romantic relationship.  The Tower was in the reading, which, instead of accounting for "doom and gloom" like how one might want to react to that card, meant that I was going to fall head over heels.  Which, I did.

So, when doing your readings keep that in mind.  If, for example, you are doing a reading about your career and you see the Death card surrounded by one or more of Aces and Pages, it is a sign of changes and new opportunity rather than a bad omen.

Let's look at the example above.  Let's say that these two cards both are meant to address the personality of the querent.  How do the cards relate to each other?  Go back to your notes for The Star and the Page of Wands.  Do you see any places where they link together?  Even if the cards do not have the same definition, you can use them to give you a more well rounded picture.

When I see The Star and The Page of Wands together, I see someone who is creative, intuitive, and inspired to bring a message  to the world.  Wands are linked with the element of fire, and The Star also burns brightly.  As the Page works with new starts -- this could be indicative of a new area of creativity coming forth that the querent is passionate about. 

When looking at how cards relate, there is no one way to go about it.  Let your intuition guide you.  You will find clues in the querent (which may be yourself) and in the questions asked. This is something that takes practice.

A time to definitely look at how a card relates to the rest of the reading is if you pull a card that surprises you or doesn't seem to fit in.  Study it closely and notice how it relates to the rest of the reading.  Dig deep.  You'll make the connection.

Shuffle your cards.  Without a question in mind, pull two cards.  Review your notes on each card, and then jot down how they could be related to form a whole picture to describe one singular person.

Next, perform a reading for someone in the group.  Notice how the cards come together to tell a more well-rounded story.  Do any cards seem to not fit in?  How can you use the rest of the reading to guide your interpretation of that card?