The Tarot Within - Day 56 - Congratulations!

Dearest friends,

Thank you for making it this far in your Tarot journey.  It has been an absolute honor to have walked alongside you thus far.  After 8 weeks of connecting with the Tarot and your intuition, I know that great shifts have taken place.  Can you feel it?  You have gained such clarity and wisdom about the cards and about how you see them.  You have learned to read the cards in your own unique way and have honored their timeless symbolism. 

The best part is:  This is just the beginning.

Look ahead of you, into the future -- the Tarot journey is long and without a fixed destination.  We are still walking this path, still diving deep and discovering, every day that we use our decks.

I am really fond of the idea of being a life-long learner.  While I have been reading the Tarot for years and designed this course, I feel like I am still learning about the Tarot every day.  And that excites me.  It lights me up to know that there is still more to learn.  I enjoy that the Tarot is not something with an finite realm of potential for learning - rather, the potential is infinite.

I hope that this journey has been a pleasant one for you, no matter how long it took you to get here, you have made it. 

Lots of love and congratulations to you.  Please feel free to send along an email to Drawingwithin AT gmail DOT com with any feedback, questions, or just to say hello.

It was a pleasure to be your guide.

xo, Elle