The most common questions I receive about Intuitive Development

The Wisdom Within

an 8-month immersion
into a deep communion with your Intuition.

Since I started developing my intuition, I have ...

  • listened to my instincts to help me find my soul mate
  • been guided to make elevating decisions in my business
  • tapped into my intuitive skills to come up with yoga classes and lesson plans on the spot that benefit EXACTLY what my students need
  • been able to help others with my intuitive skills
  • found a deep and powerful spiritual practice that has shown me things beyond what I thought possible

The Wisdom Within is a dynamic collection of all of the tools that I've learned and developed for myself along the way.  Everything is broken down in daily steps for you to practice over the 8 months of the course...and even better, the course material is yours to keep forever, so you can implement what you learned for years to come.

I know that an essential part of developing your intuitive and spiritual practice is, well...practicing it.  As a teacher, I'm all about hands-on experiences.  It's how we all learn best - by doing.  In a practical yet free-flowing way, you'll be lead through actionable steps to do every day.  Each action step will guide you forward to a more intuitive self.

You'll hone in on your intuition with...

  • PDF guides, templates, and worksheets
  • Live Calls twice a month
  • Insightful journal prompts
  • Videos where I share my own experiences with you and share my personal intuitive practices
  • Over 25 meditations
  • A Facebook group where you can share your path with like-minded souls (& even practice your new-found intuitive skills with your community!)

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