1.  a secret; mystery.

2.  either of the two divisions
(the minor arcana and the major arcana) 
of a pack of tarot cards.

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Are you looking to approach your business differently - from a place of flow, grounded confidence, and devotion to your work?

I've got a unique offering for you.

You see, I believe that you are able to gain clarity around the highest vision for your business by tuning into your intuitive wisdom...with the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot by your side.

In this way, you can fully show up within your business in reverence of the work that you do, standing solidly in the truth of your passions and life's purpose. 

From that place, you can make action plans to guide you forward in your work as a co-creation with the energy of your business

This means that your goals and next steps will come from within instead of comparing yourself to others or following someone else's rules.

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Imagine a sacred collective for the modern mystical entrepreneur…

Unlock the Arcana of your Business (formerly known as A School for the High Priestess) is a safe environment created with the intention to support business-owners who are healers, holistic health practitioners, mommas, coaches, yoga teachers, or on a self-healing path and looking to dive deeper into the energetics of their work.

Whether you are a spiritual entrepreneur, or just beginning to dip your toes into spiritual practices...this is your next step.

In our virtual program, entrepreneurs uncover mystery, myth, and ritual, from a place inspired by the journey of the Major Arcana within the Tarot, and learn how to live their lives as Mystic Intuitive Leaders (because, my love, it is time to come out of hiding and stand in your power).  

Unlock the Arcana of your Business is a training program led by Elle North, an intuitive mystic,teacher and guide.  Registration is open for this 10-week journey.

Right now you might be feeling:

  • like you desire to cultivate a deeper connection with your business and work, but aren't sure how
  • a longing to find confidence and clarity within your messaging and purpose and offerings
  • a call to be guided by your intuition within your work instead of following someone else's plan
  • in need of support within both your work and your spiritual practice so that you can create space for growth and expansion
  • curious as to how spiritual tools such as the Tarot can support entrepreneurs within their work
  • as though you were meant to do more in the spiritual realm as a leader so that you can live a life full of purpose
  • the need for a fresh outlook within your business so that you can connect to her on a spiritual level

You know, deep within the core of your being, that now is the time to listen to the calling within your heart space to find alignment and intention within the work that you do...

Now is the time to make the shift - to dive deep into business development AND spiritual development at the same time - and see how the two go hand-in-hand. 

Allow the Tarot and your intuition to support you in finding clarity and confidence within your business that you can create a solid, dynamic, and deeply connected space for the work that you do. 

Learn how to combine your inner genius with your inherent intuition to unlock your aligned business so that it feels like an organic extension of you - in all of your wisdom.

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— Hope K.
I have found on this journey a circle of soulful feminine leaders who I deeply resonate with, who see my truth and beauty. I seem to be almost effortlessly settling into my authenticity and alignment by being seen and celebrated by these sisters. It’s as if my High Priestess within is finally owning and powerfully stepping into her power.

As a tarot reader, healer and closet mystic for almost 20 years on my own solitary journey, to find this training and become one of this collective of wise women learning and growing through the symbolic messages held in the tarot feels like such a blessing and privilege to be part of. I have encountered a rare and precious treasure to be deepening my own sense of wisdom and feminine leadership with this special circle of soul sisters.
— Fiona Morris

“Tarot is a kind of path, a way to personal growth through understanding of ourselves and life.”
-Rachel Pollack

The Details:

Unlock the Arcana of your business is a 10-week program
We begin Wednesday October 11th, 2017


Course Format:

Course content will be delivered both in weekly online ritual calls (held on Wednesdays)
and weekly integration material (delivered on Fridays).

Our live calls will be on Wednesdays within the Zoom online meeting platform.
These live calls will be deep dives at 2 hours in length.
All calls will be recorded, so that those with all schedules and in all time zones can participate.


The Curriculum:

FOUNDATION:  Before the course begins, you will connect with the archetypes of The Fool and The Magician, cards 0 and 1 of the Major Arcana.  In this way, you will begin your journey by honoring your own unique gifts, witnessing the elements you have at hand within your business, and claim your the magic of your business.


Module One:

The High Priestess - ARCANA - October 11
You are ready to vision and advance with the work at hand. 

  • With the High Priestess archetype by your side, you will lift the veil, unravel the mystery, work with shadow, heighten our intuition, and connect on a deep level with our feminine power.
  • You will energetically release what no longer serves you within your business and set a sacred intention for what you desire to unfold from our work together

The Empress - EARTH CONNECTION - October 18
It's time to root into the energetics of your business. 

  • From inviting stable earth energy into your work, cultivating solid boundaries, to discovering abundance, the Empress helps to guide you towards a place of confidence and alignment within your work
  • This creatrix archetype will support you in moving forward on your path through passion for the work at hand

The Emperor - POWER - October 25
Let's invite the divine masculine into your work to create a sacred container within your business. 

  • As you stand in your power as an entrepreneur, you create a plan to expand within your leadership
  • Witness how honoring both the masculine along with the feminine is vital for a well-rounded, fully nourished and held business
  • This is where you build upon your solid foundation

The Hierophant - MYSTIC - November 1
Discover new possibilities within how you show up as a mystic intuitive leader and witness how your intentions can unfold in new and creative ways.

  • This archetype shows that you hold the universal key that unlocks the mysteries that have held you back as you discover the mystic truths of your work
  • Root into the Spirit within your business



The Lovers - DIVINE UNION - November 15
It is time to form a holy union with your spiritual self
and the spirit of your business in a commitment ceremony of devotion.

  • As we call upon the archetypes of love,
    you will create a new paradigm for what is possible within your relationship with your business and your clients.
  • Find the union between your own spirit and the spirit of your business

The Chariot - ACTION - November 22
You will create space for potent work and forward motion on your path.

  • As you feel into the support of your community, you will clearly see your road map unfolding before your eyes - so that you have a clear plan of action to create the kind of business that you desire.
  • Harness the focus within this card for your work

Strength + Justice - ACTIVISM - November 29
This month, we will invite guest teachers who show up as sacred activists within their work to inspire us to utilize our leadership to inspire change and justice within our world.  

  • You will discover balance - of the inner and outer, the higher with the lower, the dark with the light. 
  • Tapping into the wisdom of the higher self, you will be able to feel into current events and know what to do in your bones and in your spirit.

The Hermit - LIGHT - December 6
You are the light. You are your own guide; a beacon and lighthouse for others. 

  • You fully remember and honor that you are unique on account of your journey and path
  • You have withdrawn from any old habits and ways that do not serve you so that all that surrounds you as an entrepreneur is supportive and true to your Highest Self

 - CLOSING CIRCLE CALL - December 13th

It has been a lovely journey drinking in the knowledge of Elle’s teachings. Elle’s teaching skills creatively tantalize all your senses. So much gratitude for finding this outlet of learning, sharing and being apart of an amazing circle of lovely souls as we all continue this mystical path of love, magic and connection to source through an immense treasure trove of tools and knowledge.
— Connie Vogel
Working with Elle North has been my best decision both for myself as a Spiritual being, artist, and solo-preneur. She is dedicated to helping as best as she can, and will always listen to me with a degree of love that I did not think was possible. I am now more aware of the being I am, of the possibilities ahead of me, and am equipped with new tools and a new way of seeing my sacred Self.
— Nolwenn Petitbois


The Full Unlock the Arcana Experience

Registration is currently closed.  Stay tuned for when this portal re-opens.  

A portion of your tuition will be donated to Headwaters Foundation for Justice.

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I have explored and expanded in so many ways throughout this course. I have re-shaped thoughts, created new boundaries that serve who I am, danced with new creative thoughts, and stepped into my mystic awesomeness. I am forever grateful to this work for providing this connection and inviting me to be who I am.
— Dawna Matthews


We’re not skimming the surface here.  In every aspect of Unlock the Arcana of your Business, you will experience the potency of honoring your spiritual practice and connecting to the Spirit of your Business in a deep and profound way.  

Through live calls, in-depth exploration of the cards, unlocking the wisdom in mythology, ebooks, meditations, and guides created by Elle North, you’ll take part in these experiences as a high priestess within the temple of your business.

I desire for this journey to serve as a catalyst to help you rise up to the next level of the important work that you do.

As someone who has not resonated with conventional business coaching, working with Elle provided me with an unconventional experience for connecting with my business. This work has allowed me to find a special mingling between my intuition and my business. I value the wisdom and guidance of my intuition in my everyday life, it seems so natural to extend that to my business.
— Kellie Collier

Meet Your Guide:


Elle North

I support inspired entrepreneurs in strengthening their intuition and inherent gifts so that they can make decisions in their business from a connected and confident place. 

My work stems from a devotion to my training as an educator, yoga teacher, and energy worker, and a personal practice of integrating tarot,  mythology, meditation, and intuitive development into my every day spiritual exploration.  I believe that everyone is intuitive, and our inner wisdom can be uncovered through committed practice and play.

I have been integrating my own intuitive and spiritual practice within my work since becoming self-employed 7 years ago.  Listening to my intuition along the way has helped me to show up as fully aligned with my life's purpose and guided by my inner vision.

You can see my intuition expressed visually with my design work, or listen to me talk about business + intuition in the Integrated Spirit Podcast.  I also teach magic makers to uncover their inherent intuition in my Wisdom Within School of Intuition.

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Guest Key-KeeperS:

Layla Saad

Key-Keeper for the Strength + Justice Archetype

Layla Saad is a writer, mentor & healer for women doing their soulwork and their soul's work.

Through her work, she helps women to more fully express and embody their Truth – both in their personal lives and their businesses. Layla’s work explores womanhood, spirituality, creativity, business, personal power and sacred activism.

Layla’s clients are women who crave a deeper connection to both their own soul and the soul of their business. She combines soulwork tools such as Divine Feminine archetypes, menstrual & lunar cycles, mystic poetry, tarot & oracle cards, ritual, shadowwork, sisterhood and energy healing, with her experience as a coach, writer and speaker to help women live and lead as the most powerful expression of their truest selves.

Layla is deeply devoted to Truth, the Heroine’s Journey, Divine Feminine spirituality, words as medicine and our individual and collective healing.

More Guest Key-Keepers to be announced...

A portion of your tuition will be donated to Headwaters Foundation for Justice.