Wisdom Within Ecourse

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Wisdom Within Ecourse

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You've felt a stirring within. 
A buzzing around the third eye.
It's time to connect to your intuitive self.

You desire to have your intuition speak to you in a crystal-clear voice.  You crave a more spiritual path in life.  Whether you've been receiving intuitive nudges your whole life or never at all, you know:  you want to form a deep relationship with your intuitive self.

You're ready to walk this path.  You know:  you need to be connected to your inner wisdom.

But how do you move forward on your spiritual journey?

Right now, you might be...

+ Feeling like you'll never have the confidence to listen to your intuition

+ Confused about how to tell the difference between intuition and make-believe

+ Getting distracted on your spiritual path and lacking the focus to make a life-changing shift

+ Wondering how to even begin to tap into your intuitive abilities

+ Thinking that it's impossible to connect to your intuition, higher self, and spirit guides

+ Feeling a little fearful of using your intuition

I'm here to help you shift towards creating a more intuitive life.

I totally get where you're coming from -- I've been there.  I noticed that I was intuitive as a child, but then became so afraid of the messages that I was receiving that I started to pray my third eye to stay completely shut. Ten years later, a handful of coincidences prompted me to take my first steps forward to finding my intuition.  And I did it all...intuitively.  For me, it was a game.  I made it fun.  Through lots of trial and error, I learned that the more I practiced, the more I tried, the more I trusted, and the more I listened to my intuition...the more it would speak to me, loud and clear. 

I want to share my tried-and-tested methods of developing your intuition and activating your third eye chakra.  I know the benefits of tuning into my intuition -- from making decisions to helping loved ones to just connecting deeper with my higher self, my intuition is an essential part of my daily life.

And the most important part:  I truly believe that *everyone* has the ability to be intuitive...and everyone can dive deeper into their intuition.  In fact, I'll be taking my course right along with you.  I know that there is always more to learn with any spiritual practice.

Since I started developing my intuition, I have ...

+ listened to my instincts to help me find my soul mate

+ been guided to make elevating decisions in my business

+ tapped into my intuitive skills to come up with yoga classes and lesson plans on the spot that benefit EXACTLY what my students need

+ been able to help others with my intuitive skills

+ found a deep and powerful spiritual practice that has shown me things beyond what I thought possible

The Wisdom Within is a collection of all of the tools that I've learned and developed for myself along the way.  Everything is broken down in daily steps for you to practice over the 8-weeks of the course...and even better, the course material is yours to keep forever, so you can implement what you learned for years to come.

Practice.  Practice. Practice.

I know that an essential part of developing your intuitive and spiritual practice is, well...practicing it.  As a teacher, I'm all about hands-on experiences.  It's how we all learn best - by doing.  In a practical yet free-flowing way, you'll be lead through actionable steps to do every day.  Each action step will guide you forward to a more intuitive self.

You'll hone in on your intuition with::

+ PDF guides, templates, and worksheets

+ Daily E-mails full of inspiration, activities, and insight

+ Weekly videos where I share my own experiences with you and share my personal intuitive practices

+ Over a dozen meditations

+ Weekly Check-ins

+ A Facebook group where you can share your path with like-minded souls (& even practice your new-found intuitive skills with your tribe!)

AND, as a bonus...

+ a 30 minute one-on-one spiritual guidance session with me (a $100 value) where you can ask me any questions you have about your intuitive journey

I am ready!