You've felt a stirring within...

A buzzing around the third eye.
It's time to connect to your intuitive self.

You desire to have your intuition speak to you in a crystal-clear voice.  You crave a more spiritual path in life.  Whether you've been receiving intuitive nudges your whole life or never at all, you know:  you want to manifest a deep relationship with your intuitive self.

You're ready to walk this path. 

You know:  you need to be aligned to your inner wisdom.

But how do you move forward on your spiritual journey?

Right now, you might be...

  • Feeling like you'll never have the confidence to listen to your intuition
  • Confused about how to tell the difference between intuition and make-believe
  • Getting distracted on your spiritual path and lacking the focus to make a life-changing shift
  • Wondering how to even begin to tap into your intuitive abilities
  • Thinking that it's impossible to connect to your intuition, higher self, and spirit guides
  • Feeling a little fearful of using your intuition

I'm here to serve as a catalyst towards creating a more intuitive life.

I totally get where you're coming from -- I've been there.  I noticed that I was intuitive as a child, but then became so afraid of the messages that I was receiving that I started to pray my third eye to stay completely shut. Ten years later, a handful of coincidences prompted me to take my first steps forward to finding my intuition.  And I did it all...intuitively.  For me, it was a game.  I made it fun.  Through lots of trial and error, I learned that the more I practiced, the more I tried, the more I trusted, and the more I listened to my intuition...the more it would speak to me, loud and clear. 

I want to share my tried-and-tested knowledge of intuitive development and third eye activation.  I know the benefits of tuning into my intuition -- from making decisions to helping loved ones to just connecting deeper with my higher self, my intuition is an essential part of my daily life.

And the most important part:  I truly believe that *everyone* has the ability to be intuitive...and everyone can dive deeper into their intuition.  In fact, I'll be taking my course right along with you.  I know that there is always more to learn with any spiritual practice

During the course I was able to channel my higher self and connect to my intuitive self more frequently. I noticed that I’m getting answers to questions that I posed, almost immediately, like when I misplaced my glasses and I would ask my intuition to show me where they are and immediately I got the answer.

The course helped me to open up more to be less afraid of answers that seemed outrageous.

In the course you guided me to connect with my third eye, which is something I had never done before and that really opened an awareness that was missing from my knowing.
— Masha

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Since I started developing my intuition, I have ...

  • listened to my instincts to help me find my soul mate
  • been guided to make elevating decisions in my business
  • tapped into my intuitive skills to come up with yoga classes and lesson plans on the spot that benefit EXACTLY what my students need
  • been able to help others with my intuitive skills
  • found a deep and powerful spiritual practice that has shown me things beyond what I thought possible

The Wisdom Within is a dynamic collection of all of the tools that I've learned and developed for myself along the way.  Everything is broken down in daily steps for you to practice over the 8 months of the course...and even better, the course material is yours to keep forever, so you can implement what you learned for years to come.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

I know that an essential part of developing your intuitive and spiritual practice is, well...practicing it.  As a teacher, I'm all about hands-on experiences.  It's how we all learn best - by doing.  In a practical yet free-flowing way, you'll be lead through actionable steps to do every day.  Each action step will guide you forward to a more intuitive self.

You'll hone in on your intuition with...

  • PDF guides, templates, and worksheets
  • Live Calls twice a month
  • Insightful journal prompts
  • Videos where I share my own experiences with you and share my personal intuitive practices
  • Over 25 meditations
  • A Facebook group where you can share your path with like-minded souls (& even practice your new-found intuitive skills with your tribe!)

And, as a bonus...

  • a 30 minute one-on-one spiritual guidance session with me (a $100 value) where you can ask me any questions you have about your intuitive journey
The meditations and exercises are ones I know I will continue to utilize and refer back to throughout the rest of my life. I have felt a spiritual awakening and shift throughout this course, and I am not sure I can put into words just how much my mind and belief in myself and my capabilities have expanded over the past 8 months.
— Laura

We begin on May 4th, 2017

Course Schedule:

First and last Thursday of the month:  Live Call {recorded and sent out on same day}
Second and third Thursday of the month:  Students receive a PDF full of hands-on activities, meditations, rituals, and opportunities for intuitive expansion

*During the months of June, August, and November, we shall have an integration week free from new content where you shall have the opportunity to rest, reflect, and catch up on past material.  Due to these months having 5 Thursdays, you will still receive 2 PDFs and we will still have 2 live calls.

Here's the 8-month plan:

Month One:  Build a Foundation

You'll learn:

  • Deep and powerful meditation practices to help you tune into your intuition and divine self
  • How your intuition speaks to you
  • Powerful grounding practices
  • How to set up a protective energetic container
  • The way that I clear away fears surrounding my intuition
  • The power of listening to your wisdom within throughout the day
  • How to connect to your third eye and crown chakras...all while staying grounded and focused

Month Two:  Mission to Vision

You'll discover:

  • How to clarify your sense of clairvoyance
  • What your intuitive self and higher self looks like
  • The face of your intuition
  • The wisdom that your intuitive self and higher self have to offer you
  • The beauty of your own inner energy

    Month Three:  Do you hear what I hear?

    You'll find:

  • Play and ease around channeling
  • Protective and grounding skills
  • Skills to practice clairaudience
  • The magic of sound
I’ve always known to trust my intuition, but I haven’t always acted upon it. Due to the Wisdom Within, I now trust my intuition immediately.

As for my anxiety, a lot of the practices that we learned... yogic breathing, mudras, mantras... they’ve helped so so much to decrease my anxious feelings.
— Lauren

Month Four:  Feel it in your Bones

We'll explore:

  • How to translate gut feelings
  • The energetic feelings within our bodies
  • The inner knowings of the heart
  • Tips and techniques for picking up on other people's energies

Month Five:  Deep Inner Knowing

You'll dive into:

  • Channeling your intuitive self
  • Practicing your new skills with others in the Facebook group
  • Seeing yourself as divine
  • Checking in with your inner hunches to help you when making life-changing decisions

Month Six:  Tools of the Trade

You'll play with

  • Learning how the Tarot can guide forward daily in an intuitive way
  • Intuitively understanding the message of Oracle Cards
  • Getting to know your pendulum
  • The energies of crystals and nature

    Month Seven:  Spirit Connection

    You'll find out:

    • How to deepen your connection with your higher self
    • What messages your guides have to offer to you
    • Energy clearing techniques
    • Energetic Self-Care practices

    Month Eight:  Integration and Celebration

    Before this course, I thought that intuition was just a gut feeling you got when you were in a bad place/situation or around a bad person. Now I experience how intuition guides all experiences, not just the bad ones but every moment, from what I handle at work first to when I take self care time to when it’s right to make a big leap.
    — Caitlin


    • Membership in a Private Facebook group
    • One 30 minute one-on-one spiritual guidance session with me (a $100 value)

    By the end of the course, you'll be able to look back on your 8-week journey and see how far you've come.  You'll discover a more intuitive, tuned-in, and connected you.  Most importantly, you'll gain the confidence you need to use your intuition and incorporate it into your daily life.

    The greatest thing I’ve learned is that deep knowing that I have? Yeah, I can trust that. Many things I would have come to learn eventually, but the Wisdom Within accelerated my learning so I could progress sooner. It has given me a different way to approach developing my intuition and expanding on all my clairs, not just those that I have innately used for years. This journey has helped me to release any self-doubt that I was holding on to and any old beliefs that weren’t helping me embrace my gifts.

    I work in a critical care area and since taking this course, I have noticed things sooner about my patients’ condition even if there’s no clear explanation as to why my intuition is telling me that. As a result, I’ve been able to advocate sooner and prevent complications. The best part is the more I’ve paid attention to this knowing, the more I am picking up on. It’s become like another assessment skill for me!
    — Beth

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    Video Testimonials:


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What will I need for the course?

    While not completely necessary, you might enjoy a crystal or two, a deck of Tarot cards, and a pendulum.  If you do not have these materials, don't fret -- I will teach you how to find energy in rocks that you find outside, how to use the magic of the internet to pull Tarot cards, and how to use your own body as a pendulum.

    Who is welcome in this course?

    The Wisdom Within School is open to and designed for students who are 18 years of age or older.  This course is open to all races + ethnicities, all expressions of gender + sexuality, and those with any belief system and religious preferences.  In the past, this course has been taken by mostly those who identify by the pronoun of "she" or "they" - but I strive to create a community that is inviting of everyone.  This course does explore and respect the teachings of goddesses, animal allies, and yogic traditions, so it is intended for those with an open mind who are comfortable deepening into these topics.

    Can I take this course if I've never connected with my intuition before?

    Yes!  This course is designed to help you gain a deep understanding and appreciation for the the wisdom that you have innately within yourself.  We'll be covering the basics so you'll get all the information that you need...and you'll also have the advantage of starting this practice with a fresh and clean slate.  The materials provided with the course will help to solidify your foundation along the way.

    Will I still benefit from this course if I have already been exploring my intuition for a while?

    Yes, you definitely will!  This course will not only help you to clarify and solidify your intuition, but will also provide a deeper connection to your spiritual self.  You will benefit greatly from both the learning and soul-searching aspects of this course.

    How is The Wisdom Within different from other intuitive courses online?

    As a teacher and healer, I tend to break the rules and think outside the box.  I find my own way to do and learn things and then move forward, even if it's unconventional.  I am teaching you the way I learned how to use my intuition.  I am all about the practical practice of things.  My intuition has been speaking to me since I was 4  years old, and I've been really tuning into how my intuition works for more than a decade.  With practices that I've used myself, I watched my intuition develop greatly.  This course will not only give you the knowledge of how to become will also allow you to develop your own unique intuitive self.

    How does the course work?

    The course begins on Thursday May 4th, when we'll have our first live call.  On the first and last Thursday of each month, we'll meet for our live call.  All live calls are recorded, so it is not a requirement to attend live On the second and third Thursday of each month, you shall receive a PDF full of hands-on practices, meditations, worksheets, and opportunities for intuitive expansion and reflection.  Within the 8-month journey, we will have three opportunities for integration, where there will be time to rest, reflect, and catch up on past course material.  A course calendar will be sent to you upon registration.

    Is my payment refundable?

    Due to the nature of this course, when you make your purchase, you are committing to your intuitive path and the payment plan.  There is a 21 day refund window where you may cancel your payment plan - after that cancellations are not available.  Learn more here.